Going back home to Dallas for Christmas!
It’s Christmas time and time to spend the holiday season with the family in Dallas Texas. Spending about a week out there will be plenty of time to relax and spend time with the family which we haven’t seen since the summer and to do some sight seeing around the town.
Lets get started!
dallas texas foodie fun trip
Stopping by the first gas station after landing I again was shocked to see the gas prices so cheap compared to California overly taxed prices! In California the average gas price in Southern California and Los Angles is about $3.75 a gollon. We were going to do a lot of driving out here and to fill up the tank was not painful at all. Back home it was time to be the fun uncle and teach the nephews the art of nerf battles once again but also how to help take care of the plants for their parents.
watering plants
Since I’m now known as the plant doctor and making Succulent Arrangements I was showing the kids how to take care of the plants by watering them and talking to them. Making them think the plants wanted soup was fun and they liked to water them. As a kid myself I learned to enjoy nature and not be too much on the TV and video games and maybe this will spark something in them too. Staying inside and wanting to get out of the house for dinner we decided sushi would be the best kind of dinner for us all. No dishes and great tasting.
dallas texas foodie fun trip

Yama izakaya & sushi Legacy – Plano Texas

This place had sushi and traditional Chinese food as a odd but great combo for us all. Being that it is freezing outside the Chinese Chicken Broth soup was amazing and had much more flavor than the tradtional chicken noodle soup I grew up with. The sushi and sashimi was very fresh and good fatty pieces of the salmon to just melt in your your mouth. Now it’s time to head back home for some mahjong..
Bright and early in the morning we all piled into the vehicles to drive to Waco Texas to visit Magnolia! Ever since the show Fixer Upper came out we have been watching the show and love the chemistry Chip and Joanna Gaines have and how they smash and decorate the houses. For the last Halloween that was our costume to go as them and it was a perfect match! Check out our pictures posted below!

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Chip and Joanna Gaines made a stop to Pasadena, CA for Halloween! Fun times building our future together. #chipandjoannagaines #halloweencostume #halloween #chipgaines #joannagaines #hdtv #fixerupper #magnoliamarket #cheesy #photography #blogger #funny #fun #love #cute #couplescostume #couplegoals #like #share #follow #selfie

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In Waco Texas there is a cluster of the Magnolia themed shops and restaurant. We stopped by the restaurant but with a two hour wait we decided not to go but instead drive just down the street to the Silos. The restaurant looked amazing on the outside and we heard a lot of great things about it but we had limited time for the day.
dallas texas foodie fun trip
We’re in Texas y’all and Christina is excited to be here at Magnoila! Lets walk the grounds and explore the place.
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While there was so many different cute photo spots for the ladies to take selfies at I was busy paying attention to the garden boxes and watering techniques used at the location in the garden section. This was a cool place on the outside and the inside was a giant gift shop with all the things you can imagine. The Chip and Joanna Gaine already have a product line in Target and this was a small store inside this building. I found what I needed here!
dallas texas foodie fun trip
Time to get something to eat and a big burger sounds great right about now. We circled back to the brightly painted Twisted Root Burger Company to get a bite to eat.
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twirsted root burgerThis is not your normal burger joint you find in your city. The Twisted Root Burger Company is a bar and brewery and great burger place for the entire family. Funny signs and pictures all over the place to keep you busy. Now for the double whammy for the day and the trip out to Waco Texas.. the Dr Pepper museum to see the original factory and machines and the history behind one of my favorite drinks to have.
dallas texas foodie fun trip
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The blog linked above will have more information and pics that we saw at the location but to really know all the history it would take days to research. Very fascinating to see the starting of the company and their success.

Headed home in the heavy rain and thinking about what to make for dinner and the small army we have at home. Cooking is the best for a family to bring everyone together around the table.
dallas texas foodie fun trip
dallas texas foodie fun trip
I made my bacon wrapped brussel sprouts that are partial candied and a small batch that is not wrapped but cooked with bacon and Robert cooked up some super juicy cuts of steak and pork cheek along with several other dishes to complete the spread on the table. After dinner we went back to the mahjong table to learn it some more. It’s a fun game and I like it more than poker. Once I beat mom in a game of mahjong then I get the emerald ring right?
dallas texas foodie fun trip
In the morning we headed out for a busy day of shopping and those after Christmas sales.. as long as I’m fed I’m all good. We stopped by Starbucks to get started and the barista was so confused by my patch I wear on my jacket.
dallas texas foodie fun trip
Anyways shopping is like a demolition derby with the carts and finally done for the day. We ended up at a little French Cafe that the girls always went to when they lived out here and I guess nothing has really changed from what they said. The tomato and basil soup was the best and that is the thing to get here. We shared the plates so I can try them and before I knew it they were empty.

La Madeleine Country French Cafe – Frisco Texas
dallas texas foodie fun trip
After spending the day out around town we went to another family dinner at the sisters house. The famous Beef Noodle Soup was on the menu and we were excited. Again for the family dinner we all try to help out as much as we can. I made the cheesy bread again since it was a hit the other night. It’s easy to make and great from everyone especially the kids. They turn out like a mozzarella empanada and then I brush them with garlic butter to make it better. Learn how to make the Cheesy Garlic Bread Bites.
dallas texas foodie fun trip
The rest of the dinner and soup was taking hours to cook down and make it restaurant quality for a family dinner at home. Attention to detail for each plate will make it taste that much better and look even better for the pictures!
dallas texas foodie fun trip
A huge table spread of all the best dishes we like and surrounded by family and friends, this is what the holidays are about; togetherness.
Going out for another dinner spot we met up with a local friend that told us about an amazing wine bar and restaurant. The place is called Sixty Vines. It has 60 wines and beers on tap along with a bar of course and amazing food to go along with it all.
dallas texas foodie fun trip
At Sixty Vines there is indoor seating and also outdoor seating which is in a green house. We picked the green house obviously. Once settled in we went over the drink list and there are so many choices. With a group we could get several bottles and try them as we eat. Lets get started on the food!
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After that great dinner we went down the street to local bar hotspot called the Union Bear. Happy Hour and drink specials so its a must for us. I like bars like this with a large wall filled with bottles and several different areas for seating so we all sat in the front and got a waiter right away. All kinds of specials but we got our regular drinks.
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dallas texas foodie fun trip
Having a fun night on a Sunday catching up with friends and being back in town. Being the last night out in Texas we didn’t want to go back to work or California but we had to. Until next time Texas, stay great!

We all had a great time back home in Texas, better than staying just a weekend. Giving us the needed time to really spend with family and relax from all of our busy lives. It’s good to do this. More trips and adventure in the near future.

Written by Brian Holt