How do you decide what to make for that upcoming party or dinner? Thinking of what is good and how to impress your friends. This is where the Guacamole Onion Rings come in and steal the show. Learn how to make these and you will be the culinary wizard and invited to all the parties!
Lets get started!
Prep Time:
3 hours(freeze time) 40 minutes(prep and cook)
Ingredients: Serves 5 people
Guacamole Mix:
4 Avocados
1 Tomato
1/2 Cup of diced Onions
1 Cup of Cilantro
1 TableSpoon of Salt
1 TableSpoon of Black Pepper
1 TableSpoon of Garlic Powder
Other seasonings such as Red Pepper is up to you.
4 Eggs
2 Cups of General Purpose Flour
4 Cups of Italian Bread Crumbs
64 Oz of Vegetable Oil
Onion Rings:
4 Tennis Ball Sized White or Yellow Onions
(these will be used for the rings in the largest section of each, small parts to be diced and used in guacamole)
avacodo food
The first step of this amazing dish is to make the Guacamole, I listed the basic way I like to make it but omitted the lime juice and olive oil to allow for a faster freeze and there is no issue with browning. Cut and dice as needed to make them small and put in the bowls for easy sorting.
how to make guacamole onion rings
Mix all of the ingredients into a larger mixing bowl with a spoon to mesh all the flavors, remember no oil or liquids otherwise it will take longer to FREEZE. Carefuly slice the onions into three rings to give a half inch wide section. These are going to be the “rings” that carry the Guacamole to your mouth. You will notice how the onion and rings will come apart when gently pressed, take your time and seperate to find the best ones you like.
guacamole rings brian holt
Next step is to use wax paper or plastic wrap to line a cookie sheet and place the onion rings how ever they fit within the tray. Now use a spoon to fill each onion ring and gently press to make sure they are full and no empty spaces. Once you finish this step you can put in the FREEZER. The frozen guacamole onion ring “disk” will make it easy to bread and fry. If you stack the rings and separate with plastic wrap or wax paper you will have to wait longer to have them thoroughly freeze so check them and keep in with Brian Holt
After 3 to 4 hours the guacamole is frozen solid inside the onion ring and easy to handle. This is the most time consuming part and they should keep quite well in the freezer so next time I might make a larger batch and keep on hand for fast prep work for the next party. The next step is to bread each Guacamole Onion Ring and fry it.

guacamole onion ring how to
Bread and Fry to the Guac Rings now. Easy and messing but almost done. In the three bowls there will be the flour, 4 eggs for the wash and the bread crumbs. Dredge or bury the Guac Ring into the flour to cover all sides then shake off and sumberge into the eggs. The last step is to dip the Guac Ring into the bread crumbs and cover and gently press to make sure the crumbs stick to the Guac Ring. Place the finished ring on a plate and ready frier. A deep frier will work or a stove top will as well. I used a large skillet that was 12 inches wide and 4 inches deep and I added enough oil to make it 1/2 inch deep. Keeping the splatters to a low and still able to fry the rings after I flip them.
Medium to High heat but not too much the oil starts to smoke.
Place the Guac Rings into the pan 4 at a time and check them, flip when golden brown and then remove. I noticed that the thicker ones did not get warm inside. The trick I did was first fry and cook the outside and then put the finished platter in the oven at 350F until serving. This way they warm up while you finish the rest and ready to serve. This worked great.
Guacamole Onion rings
Fight the hungry hands as you bring this plate to the table. The finished product and all its fried Guacamole and Onion Ring Glory. Adding some cilantro on the side makes for a great bite and the sriracha mayo is a great balance for a dipping sauce.
fried guacamole onion rings
Take a bite or cut the Guacamole Onion ring and see the wonderful insides. These are solid enough to hold and eat or dip. The onion ring is soft and able to be eaten without it falling apart after a bite. Overall a great dish to make. Easy once you get in the rhythm of the steps.
Quick Recap:
-Make Guacamole and put inside fresh cut onion rings then freeze
-Bread the frozen Guacamole Onion rings then fry them and serve
-Last step is to not fall into a #foodcoma!