Brian is going back east to a CQB field and will be joined by Jonathan from Airsoftology. It was going to be a simple meet and greet but then turned into a battle of epic proportions.

Jonathan will be using his Echo1 platinum that he just reviewed and you can watch the video here, Echo1 Platinum Review and we thought of battling against each other and the opposite of the Platinum M4 would be a Russian rifle and the Echo1 Igor just came out and would be a good choice for a CQB game.

The Echo1 Igor is good out of the box but to add a little more punch.  Out of the box it already has a nylon piston with a steel full tooth rack which is a huge plus. The gearbox is a 7mm bearing so you can do a lot of upgrades. The Madbull hop up bucking is installed too for a better airseal. Check out the Echo1 Tech Video here to learn more.

The 16:1 speed gears are a great gearset to use and easy on the wallet so they were installed. Easy to shim and added a plastic sector clip to ensure the proper feeding.

The MAX speed motor was installed too. The stock motor in the Igor is ok and semi torque but not a high performance motor like this one. Little to no time for the trigger pull to the cycle of the gears and a nice pinion. Some motors have an odd angled pinion that makes noise like the motor is not adjusted but it is just the angle of the pinion to the bevel.

The stock wiring was ok and needed to be upgraded with a basic mosfet. The mosfet will keep the trigger contacts intact over time with the use of the lipo and increase current flow to the motor giving a higher rate of fire and less lag time when the trigger is pulled.

The Echo1 mosfet has a built in blade fuse and is a 20A but a 30A seems to work the best in this setup. Deans plugs are a must for any custom AEG build. Just do it. The deans plugs are better for handling power and wont melt like the stock plugs.

The Echo1 Igor is finished on the inside and ready for the battle. Great rate of fire, not too fast but not stock and slow. How the inner barrel is supported with another barrel unlike the other similar models the shots have a great chest sized grouping at 100 feet easy. The Madbull bucking with the brass barrel and supported is a great combo.

The iron sights are ok but not the best for some and the traditional sniper scope for the rifle is a bit too much for a CQB indoor field. This was that seems to work the best.

You can buy the scope mount from the Echo1 Parts Shop but you will have a little longer top rail. Since the T1 replica is being used there is no need for the extra rail section so it was cut off to make it more streamline. The scope mount is quick detach and with a throw lever it can be removed quickly  for storage or whatever and then attached and seems to hold its zero.

The Echo1 Igor seems to be ready for this battle. Videos of the gameplay will be posted so please make sure you are subscribed to our Team YouTube Channel and our Team Facebook Page!

The outcome of the game does not really matter since the real point of airsoft is to have fun and if you are having fun then you are already winning.

Written by Brian Holt