Airsoft has been getting more involved in some aspects and other parts have been seeming to go towards the world of paintball or to the days of “Old Airsoft” which did not work at all. Check this out, this is the old video called “Tokyo Marui Man” Showing a player using the Tokyo Marui series of AEG’s or Airsoft Electric Gun to battle against the older style of Airsoft rifles which are obsolete and this video shows it perfectly. Behold 1991 video magic from Japan:

Green gas tanks and the expansion tank to prevent “cool down” for a some what effective rifle and Airsoft gaming but the AEG was so much better and this proved it and it has been history ever since. The old Airsoft guns with the tanks were “classics” and collector items and never used again, when was the last time you saw one? Not an HPA Polar Star rifle by the way… The Polar Star route is going towards the PaintBall scene and has been hyped up so much to make it cool and it finaly caught on. Sponsored Players hired to preach made that happen.
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So Airsoft went from hoses and limitations to electric and limitless possibilites and then branched off to t anich market with a hose but more stable usability. This is ok since it was redone and all new concepts. Now since there was the Polar Star there came the Valken options which were similar but differrent due to legalities and don’t forget the G&G option that was a flash in the pan. Check out some of the “HPA” or hose and tank setups for Modern Day Airsoft Players.

So Airsoft has been changing but seems to be running out of ideas as most people say and leave the sport. Recently looking the facebook feed and seeing a video from Airsoft Evike which blew my mind on what I was watching and some people noticed too and called out the product and concept but others love it for some reason, ah the power of marketing. Check out the video below:
So this product is to make reloading gas into the magazine no more and easy for Airsoft Players but there are so many flaws and this is just a gimic for backyard shooters and not the players. The lack of an expansion tank to prevent “cool down” and increase power is not there and the fact this gas can is pullin from the top and not the liquid will not give the full effect. We hold the gas mags upside down to fill for a reason. So now we have old school airsoft guns that will be lacking paower but a quick sale was made.
Unsure what to think about this and the reasons why it was released and pushed to the masses as a new and innovative product, what are your thoughts on this?

Written by Brian Holt