The search for the energy boost for the afternoon nap phase in the office, after a workout, hiking, regular life and the list will continue on. We all get tired and have tried many different options and drinks to stay awake. The classic RedBull or Monster is used by some and then turned away due to the harmful amounts of sugars and artificial ingredients in it. This is where the healthy and more natural solution comes into your life to help out!
arbonne fizz sticks
The Fizz Sticks from Arbonne are the new thing I am enjoying and using when needed. I used to be on the RedBull and Monster or 5 Hour shots making me feel shaky afterwards since all that sugar and junk but these sticks are doing the same trick without the shakes.
arbonne fizz sticks review
First off the winning factor for me is the ease of taking them with me where ever I go and no more cans. These sticks fit in your pocket and are ready when needed, just add water. This is already so much better for you since you will be drinking a lot of water.
arbone fizz sticks energy
In the mornings I have a glass of the Arbonne Fizz Sticks in the Citrus flavor to replace the three cups of coffee I usually have. Better for my teeth and better pH levels in my body. Later in the day, I can use the Pomegranate option if needed in a water bottle.
My Findings.
I was first skeptical about these and the first time trying them I didn’t get an energy boost right away like the other drinks but I noticed, later on, I had the energy for several hours and no crash.
Wide-eyed energy feeling? Not with this, I didn’t feel wired but I did feel energized and able to keep on working with no yawns. There is a lot of science that has gone into these but for me trying and comparing to the other options I can see the clear winner and I am sticking to it.
The Arbonne Fizz Sticks have saved me money and kept me going when needed. Simple break down to compare to other stuff
Starbucks and 30 drinks = $210~
RedBull/Monster and 30 cans = $120~
Fizz Sticks in 30 pack = $54
When I looked at how much I was spending before to now and getting the same energy without the crash it was a no brainer for me.
To learn more and get some for yourself check out the Arbonne website or the direct link to the Energy Fizz Sticks – Citrus or Energy Fizz Stick – Pomegranate.

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arbonne fizz sticks ingredients

Written by Brian Holt