Time to test out the recent pack from Tactical Tailor. The 3 day+ assault pack is a larger pack and looks promising for the upcoming Milsim West events but wanted to see if it would work for hiking as well.

Hiking Mt Baldy

Heading up the mountain is Roecar Approved and Brian with their own Tactical Tailor packs that seems to suit their needs.

Brian Holt and Roland

Roecar is using the Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack that features molle on the side for additional pouches as you can see and a bungee system across the back to secure a jacket or other loose items.

roecar approved

Brian is using the Tactical Tailor 3 day+ Assault pack. We have a video on the 3day+ pack on our Team BLACKSHEEP762 channel. The 3 day+ pack is much larger and is able to hold more items inside and on the outside for an extended trek. Here you can see his sleeping kit secured under the pack with the two straps

Brian Holt

A closer look at the 3 day+ pack. Available in several colors and might be the pack you need for your next adventure.
Brian Holt Hiking

The Tactical Tailor 3day+ Assault pack uses a very wide shoulder strap to help distribute the weight and a belt to better secure to your body. Once fitted to the body and secure the pack is not that noticeable since it is not sagging on your back like other packs on the market. Take notice of the camel back hose on the shoulder strap. The pack has a port on the left and right side for your water option.

baldy hike

After several icy switch backs on the trail the Mount Baldy Lodge was in sight.
hiking packs

Made it to the top for a rest break from the thin air and not the packs of course. The packs are able to hold our needed water and food with the other items we decided to bring for a side project to cover the HX Outdoors Survival tools so make sure you check that out too.

On the side on the 3day+ pack is the HX Rescuers Axe. the pack has a upper and lower compression strap that can be used to secure the axe or other items in place on the side for easy access.

hiking pack

The HX Outdoor Rescuer’s Axe is a great tool for the hiking trails and even in the snowy and icy environment this time. The axe head has a large wide blade for cutting and splitting tree branches if needed and a hammer strike face on the opposite side for tent poles or any other needs. With the hand hole in the blade section you can use to strike with the end of the handle for breaking glass or to anchor into materials. The axe will come with a leather sheath to protect you while not cutting.

HX axe

On one section of the trail there was a dangerous slope of ice near a drop so I used the axe to cut some steps into the ice. On the trail we saw many people not prepared for the ice and snow and with the recent deaths on the mountain the steps would be helpful I hope.

Brian Holt
We were prepared of course but how the trail has steep drops and covered in ice you are at the mercy of the mountain. Another shot of Roecar.

roecar approved

The hike to Mount Baldy Lodge and back took several hours and was a great hike to take in the great views from the 8,000 feet of elevation and work our way down the trail to the San Antonio Falls and packing lot.

Brian Holt Hiking
After the hike the Tactical Tailor 3day+ Assault pack was really good. The wide shoulder straps and belt held it in place and kept the weight almost unnoticeable. With the side pontoon pouches for storage and the side compression straps used for a jacket or other items it makes the pack a good all around pack but more adventures will be needed to finally say if it is the best but so far it is a great choice.

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Written by Brian Holt