Wow this is some great news coming out from Vega Force Company (VFC) about a new series or single rifle slated to be released in 2017! On their Instagram feed they have posted and hinted about a new product or products! Their Avalon series is taking the field and players by storm and this just makes the 2017 Airsoft Year even better for us all!
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The first posting was to get the players talking and wondering what is in store.
“What would be your dream rifle from us? Something already on the market and we would improve or something new as an AEG or GBBR. We have a project in mind but want to hear from you!”
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The second posting was a little more focused than the first and pointing out that it will be a project from a European country with a map. Getting closer now!
“To continue our topic of a new rifle from VFC some of you were close. We will be using our own in house parts to keep cost down and quality up. The project in question is from this area…
It comes from a large line of rifles that has a support and vehicle option. #vfc #vegaforcecompany_usa”
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The last hint was the iconic H&K logo but that could be anything since the H&K weapons list is one of the biggest in the world. “Some of you guessed it… Goal for 2017 is to deliver and dominate the Airsoft world. This project line will do just that with your support.
New for 2017 and more details soon, hinted on the other posts.”
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So what we know now from their posting is that they will be releasing several model options from the H&K lineup. They are already legally using the H&K trademarks with the HK416 and many others but what else is there?
The line that got my attention was “large line of rifles that has a support and vehicle option”. Support guns are great but they need to be worth it and affordable in today’s market and the vehicle term could be a folding stock but not sure.
Hoping more is posted soon!
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The H&K 121 would be a great support weapon in the world of Airsoft but does it really stand out since the M240 and M249 are still used and trusted by most?
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Written by Brian Holt