Ok you have your rifle and you took it to the field and your ass got handed to you or something broke or you want to upgrade to get more range and power. Well for this guide will be how to upgrade your rifle to make it more kick ass and to save you some money! The rifle will the personal Echo1 Genesis OCW used by the Flea. Make sure you check out the Genesis OCW Review to see what he has done to the outside. Since the rifle is only around $160 he had spending money and wanted to have the gearbox worked on.

Echo1 SHS upgrade review

He wanted a snappier trigger response and the new SHS Torque Motor will do just that when he uses his lipo. The new motor is great for hard springs or soft springs and almost no delay when you pull that trigger. Next we wanted a new piston and the SHS 7 tooth steel rack to make sure the piston stays strong and lasts a long time. Lastly the gears, the stock Echo1 Genesis OCW gears are ok and a standard ratio but the new SHS 16:1 Speed Gears will increase the rate of fire (ROF). When you combine the speed gears and torque motor with a lipo it is a giggle inducing build but not stressing the parts too much so you get a great balance of performance, durability and cost which is great.

shs 16:1 speed gears

The stock gears are on the top and the newer SHS speed gears are underneath. The stock ones are ok but as you can see the upgrade gears have a better finish and look stronger due to the solid materials. The gears cost around twenty dollars which are a great investment.

shs torque motor

Swapping out the old motor with the new SHS Torque motor you will notice the strong magnetic pull. This is the raw power of the motor and how you can tell it is upgraded and able to pull back those hard springs with ease. The SHS motor pinion gear is the D shape and is able to be removed and replaced if needed while the stock motor has the pinion pressed in place and you need a special tool to remove. Te motor is really easy to install and plug in play to complete the swap. The new motor is around thirty five bucks and is well worth it.

echo1 shs piston

As you can see the SHS piston has much more re inforcement for the harder springs and to prevent stripping from a jam. The stock Echo1 piston was getting some wear from heavy use and it was time to upgrade. The piston was still working fine in case you were wondering.

shs aoe piston

The piston was modded to make it last even longer and almost last forever under normal use. The second tooth was cut out with my MaxPedtion knife to better help with the meshing of the piston to the sector gear when the AoE was corrected. The stock piston head was transferred over since it is a good piston head with bearings and ported face. A polycarb spacer was used for the AoE correction that was screwed in place between the piston body and head. I recommended using a super glue on the parts to hold them in place and make the unit more solid. Gluing the tooth rack to the body and then the spacer and threads to lock it all to together. Don’t worry since you wont really have to take this apart anytime soon.

perfect aoe shs piston

The piston now sits just right and the gear teeth mesh perfectly. The metal Sector Clip was installed to ensure proper feeding for a high speed setup.The piston could be installed into this gearbox and it would be fine but you would notice the wear on the first or pick up tooth and the metal teeth will support the stress since this is a 400 fps build. By correcting the AoE you will not have that wear and the teeth will have less stress on them which means they last longer. The AoE correcting started long ago when the new comers called ICS and Classic Army joined the airsoft world and they did not follow the Tokyo Marui and Systema specs. Hurricane aluminum pistons were the first piston that were required to did this otherwise they would not work but once done they would last until the gearbox would shatter.

shs piston fix

When installing a new part in the gearbox you should make sure it fits and works properly in a manual test otherwise you will break something no matter how strong your shimming or AoEing is. The SHS Piston was too wide for this gearbox so the rails on the side of the piston were filed just a little to allow the piston to slide back and forth smoothly.

genesis ocw upgrade

The rifle is complete. The ballpark costs for the rifle is $160 and the parts are about $55 you really can’t complain. You will have a solid rifle inside and out and not an empty wallet.

Upgrade parts in the Genesis OCW:

Madbull bucking (stock)

8mm Steel Bearings (stock)

Metal Spring Guide (stock)

V3 shell that has radius to window (stock)

Ported piston head with bearings (stock)

SHS Torque Motor (installed)

SHS 7 tooth Piston (installed)

SHS Sector Clip (installed but stock had the same option)

SHS 16:1 Speed Gears (installed)

We were able to get these parts from JAG Precision. You can get your parts from them as well or a local JAG dealer. The Genesis OCW now has a ROF of 30+ but that is going to change depending on what the Flea uses in the gun but it is still a huge jump from the stock 16~. The OCW is now just about bullet or BB proof. To see it in action make sure you are subscribed to our Channel to get some gameplay videos!

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Thanks for reading this review 🙂