krytac and evike deal
News update and a clear sign the Kracken is soon to be Calamari.
Krytac released a press release about “ will become Exclusive Distributor in the U.S.” which means Evike will be the stocking warehouse for the USA market instead of Krytac stocking their own product and fulfilling orders which have always been a struggle for them. Does this seem like a good idea to have Evike handle all the orders and shipments to the customers?
Yes, for the customers but what about the retail stores that carried the products?
There have been mixed reactions to this news and mostly upset retailers check out the feedback on the facebook pages of Krytac and Evike for this release.

Many of the stores which are battling the online market and their cheap prices deal with customers wanting the “online” price in the walk-in store. Now if the walk-in wants to order and stock the Krytac rifles they will have to now order from Evike which is their competitor…. this makes no sense now.
-What does this mean for Krytac, Evike and the rest of the Airsoft Market?
Well the only place to get the Krytac products in the USA will be from Evike and they have carefully worded everything to not upset the customers on the fields but the once customers running the walk-in stores clearly see what is going on. “Prices for dealers and customers remain the same” but you have to buy from Evike which in turns pays some portion to Krytac.
-Has this happened in the past with Evike and another brand?
Yes, G&P was once a very popular metal M4 for high-end upgrades and players but once it was folded into Evike it was a thing of the past and now nobody cares or talks about the G&P rifles. The same can be said about the APS rifles which were distributed from JAG Precision a wholesaler only and liked by dealers and players and then jumped ship to Evike and now rarely mentioned.
Do you think the same will happen to Krytac? Pretty good track record so far and time will tell.

no more krytac airsoft
Blowout Sale and no more stocking of Krytac
The Airsoft Tactical store in TN has posted this to all their customers. It just does not make sense for them to carry and support a brand that does not want to support them the ‘local and walk-in stores‘ and reading the comments about the news many other stores will be doing the same and droping the brand entirly which makes sense.
Since the beginning of Krytac which was a mix match “dream team” of all the other stores and brands to make a kick ass brand had the struggles of managing inventory, shipping and customer service and the retailers hung in there for the product that was good at the time but this is the final harpoon strike to bring the once mighty Kraken to land and discard what is not needed. Now the new VFC product lines have the MOSFET and longer track record of performance and quality to easily take over the market.

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-Thinking that this was a sudden business move?
No, not really since Krytac has been testing the waters and doing “exclusive” product lines which would be a single rifle for a store at a time. This was to track sales and see which store would do a better job. Case in point.
airsoft gi krytac rifle
For a while, Airsoft GI had the Krytac LVOA-C in Flat Dark Earth EXCLUSIVELY at Airsoft GI and every day was a media blast of the rifle and the suit of armor which made the combo look amazing but unsure about the sales. Later on, the Krytac rifle was being sold with 10 FREE midcaps as a combo deal. This combo deal means the rifles were sitting and needed to be moved by any means necessary.
It is kind of odd how the Airsoft GI store started the Tim vs Bob game series and for the while Bob was at Airsoft GI and Tim moved to Krytac/KRISS to continue his career but in the end cut off the supply lines to the Airsoft GI store in the ways of no more Krytac for you and only at Evike.

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Written by Brian Holt