The JAG Precision or JAG Arms Scattergun was slated to be one of the hottest new shotguns for the Airsoft world of 2017. The JAG Scattergun was in the Airsoft Shotguns – Top 5 for 2017/SHOTShow Debut as well. Looking back to SHOTShow and then now we can see the full cycle of the Scattergun and the impression it has left on most players and reviewers; case in point, Gun Gamers.

JAG Precision Airsoft 870 shotgun

This review team loved the feel and potential of the JAG Arms Scatterguns for regular field or CQB use. The same feelings were shared among many other players as well as they all waited for the release with no info right away. After several months of silence from JAG Precision about the Scatterguns, it was quite odd that only a few stores or places set up the preorder or reviewed the product to continue the hype and market the product? Did some searching and came up with this blog report on the JAG Arms Scattergun. Failed or Forgotten(Airsoft Shotgun). Basically the product was forgotten but now it looks like the overall QC failed as a double-sided issue.

Now there is a follow-up video from the Gun Gamers covering the issues they had along with their friends with the JAG Arms Scatterguns. The issues range from blown seals after a few uses which should not happen to the pump arms just locking up and the list goes on.

The JAG Arms Scattergun had so much potential but at the end of the day, it let the players down.
For any players that want to take the Scattergun apart to fix it on their own I fould this forum posting on
jag arms scattergun
Direct link to the JAG Arms Scattergun Review in the forum.

Written by Brian Holt