“Oh this is great and I must have it” is the common statement when it comes to social media and new Airsoft products. That was the case for the JAG Precision Scatterguns when first released but since SHOTShow five months ago there has been very little buzz from JAG Precision in general and the soon to be released Scattergun Gas Shotgun series.

The JAG Scattergun broke news during SHOTShow 2017 and was in the latest news for a few weeks. Covered in several videos from JAG Precision posted above but with only 500 views on a YouTube video from February for a new product that does not make any sense. The JAG Scattergun even made it to our TOP 5 ShotGuns of 2017 list due to the performance and potential it has and the fact there are 3 models to choose from, sounds great right?
JAG Scattergun sale
Nearing the Summer Release date there has been no real hype or talk about the products from JAG or the mass media. Airsoft Tactical Pro posted this on his page about the Scattergun and lack of pre-sell posts or stores talking about the gas shotguns. Well at least it is easy to find the product when it is released.
JAG Precision Scattergun sale
Looking on Google to see if his claim was true or not it was clear that nobody has been posting about the Scattergun other then Airsoft Tactical Pro and Airsoft GI in terms of retail stores. There have been other news sites reporting our TOP 5 Shotguns of 2017 blog and along with other SHOTShow news but nothing recent. Airsoft GI has been pushing hard on the Scattergun Shotgun posting several videos and Facebook postings but it does not seem to be enough.
Update! Airsoft GI sent the demo or sample model they had to USAirsoft for another review.
But continuing the search for other retailers carrying the JAG Precision Scattergun it came up with a dead end search even using the other keywords listed.
Why is the JAG Scattergun only being carried by 2 stores when it is being released later this month supposedly? Could the Airsoft market be saturated with shotguns even though this is a GAS operated version? Or the fact JAG Precision has not connected with their fans and retailers to keep them updated and interested in the product at hand.
Unsure about this and if you know more please shed some light.
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Written by Brian Holt