Bringing people to together to watch a game or going to a dinner party you need to bring something that is easy and delicious to please everybody. This is where the Jalapeno Popper is the best choice. The spicy pepper paired with the cream cheese to cool the spices and then the second wave of flavor from the bacon you cannot go wrong with this dish.

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Making the Jalapeno Poppers

You will need just the three main ingredients for this dish: Jalapenos, Bacon and Cream Cheese. Depending on the amount of people you are serving you will need more or less.
One popper will be a half pepper and a half-tablespoon of cream cheese wrapped in half a strip of bacon. (this is what works best for the average 2in jalapenos)
Larger Jalapenos will use more and an entire strip of bacon per serving so take that into consideration before you start.

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brian holt cooking

Step 1

The jalapenos are very spicy with the seeds and veins on the inside of the pepper so you will have to clean them out first and this makes room for the cream cheese.
Use a small knife to cut the pepper in half and then at an angle remove the internals of the pepper to hollow it out. Some seeds left behind will make for a spicy surprise. Using my small Kershaw knife seems to the be the best for me.
Do not touch your face! The jalapenos are spicy and will burn you.

Step 2

Once the peppers are cleaned out use a butter knife to apply a generous amount of the cream cheese but not over the edge since it will spoil out while baking. Basic cream cheese seems to work the best to capture the flavors of the bacon and pepper and mix it all together.

Step 3

Preheat the oven for 400F degrees. Use a large cookie sheet and 2 raised trays. The tray will keep the poppers out of the grease from below and the other will press down and keep them in place while cooking.
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Step 4

Wrap the jalapeno with the bacon strip at on angle to cover. You want the bacon to cover the cream cheese filling. More or less bacon is up to you.
Assemble the finished poppers onto the tray, close is fine. Use the second tray to gently squish and hold them in place and prevent the bacon from unwrapping.
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Step 5

Cook at 400F for 40 minutes or until bacon is cooked. It will not be crispy as you find in the skillet but it will be cooked.
the best guide for jalapeno poppers
The bacon will smell so good but you will have to wait until it is done cooking and opening the oven door will only drop the heat and tease you with the smell of heavenly bacon! Once done remove and let them rest before plating. Make sure you arrange the Jalapeno Poppers in an appealing fashion before you bring them out to the friends watching the game or the dinner party. You didn’t work that hard but you want your tasty work to look good too.

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how to make jalapeno poppers

All Done!

With this large dish filled and ready for the party it is perfect for any event. The cost of this was only $18 and made 40 pieces and only lasted 30 minutes! I used thick cut bacon but you can use another for cost and preference. Check with your local grocery store to see how you can make this great treat for cheap and make your friends happy!
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Written by Brian Holt