Do you know what I like? I will tell you, FOOD and the best is at a “pop up” event where you get to try new food like Johnny Pacific and his Empanadas! A “pop up” is a spotlight on a new store or company in the area and working with local establishments to bring in more people and get the name out. This time it was held at Boom Town Brewery and Bolo was there with Johnny Pacific. Great way to meet new eateries or artist and in this case some amazing empanadas!
brian holt food blog
Decisions based on this short but interesting list was very tough since I knew what it was but never had it in this form. We decided to get a sampler platter and go from there when in doubt get them all! The beef option was not as appealing to me since it was just mentioned as “beef” but it was top on the list as the #1. The pork sounded interesting to me and same for the chicken, so we had to get them all and find out what they are all about!brian holt food blog
Food is Up!
Wow check out this spread from Johnny Pacific and this empanadas look amazing and the smell was even better! He mentioned dipping suaces but we were more focused on the plate in front of us.

brian holt food blog
Which one would you start with and why? I started with the pork since it has the Hawanian influence and similar to manapua which is my hide to find comfort food.
Winner, I love it with the first bite! Sweet and tender and oh so good but we have to go back inside for our table and chow down. Longest walk of my life it seemed heading back inside, great friends, food and beer, what more is needed?
brian holt foodie blog
Quick run down on the flavors on this #foodporn of a plate. The beef needs to me hyped more on that chalk board, it was more like a shepards pie or a beef stew inside and hidden in that crispy crust of the empanada waiting to explode out. The pork option was great as mentioned earlier and with the sauces on each bite they changed the flavors in good ways and not overpowering and covering the empanadas at all. I am not a a fan of heavy sauces that mask the food and these were just right in my opinion. Last but not least the Chicken al Pastor, it was like a normal pastor flovor it seemed to me but reminded me of a cassirole which I like so that was good, I will need more to verify them! All the flavors were my favorite and talking to Jonnhy after he offers more at his restaurant Johny Pacific in Winnetka, CA. Checking out the reviews from all the other people we all agree the empanadas are amazing and a new take on the flavor and really stand out from the same out food out there.
Now it is time to enjoy the drinks and decide on getting more or dessert from BOLO which is doing a pop up as well here…
bolo icecream dessert
Time for a treat. This is the BOLO dessert, icecream sandwich but super fancy and on a sweet bun. It was served with a spoon so it can be eaten with that or the traditional way. This was a great way to follow up from the empanadas before calling it a night on this great night out for the pop up. See more about #yoloforbolo on their Instagram eatbolo.

Written by Brian Holt