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Let’s take a trip to Komodo and see what all the talk about their “Phorrito” is all about. You guessed right it is an order of Pho delivered in a burrito form instead of a traditional soup bowl. How does that even work and why? Let’s check it out and see what is in store for us!

Komodo is located at 8809 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035 and there is a second location in Venice, CA

komodo kimchi nachos

First up we ordered the Kimchi Nachos; this really does hold up to the Komodo slogan of “Dangerously Good Food”. With this order of nachos it has everything a hungry person wants and needs. The crunchy corn chips which have just the right amount of oil and salt and then covered in the good stuff. A mild to spicy serving of kimchi topped with sour cream, green onions and bacon! This is one of those plates that you order when you see the table next to you get. The towering display of awesome flavor made us and many others curious about it and wanted to try; and now it’s on our table, perfect. The great thing about this version of nachos is that the chips did not soggy like you have happen with regular nachos.

komodo phorrito

OMG what is that and how do I eat it?
This is the Komodo Phorrito which is everything you get in traditional Pho but in a burrito form. Why would they make this? Fusion is the latest trend and mixing the great burrito tortilla textures with the flavors of Pho. This order was brought out to our table with them cut in half so we instantly start drooling and then add on the spicy and sweet sauce that is served with the order.

komodo phorrito

Bite after Bite this is perfect.
The beef is so tender and easy to eat. To continue with the pho there will be the white noodles that are soft and huge contrast to the crisp bean sprouts to add that crunch with every bite. For the greens in this there will be the basil and some hidden jalapenos slices to really give this a kick in your mouth. The side serving of sauce is not really needed since the Phorrito has the right amount of hoisin sauce and beef broth to bring it all together in each bite.
This meal is still leaving me in shock since it is so good and unexpected in every way. I would highly recommend you to try it and see for yourself if you like what I showed you.

Written by Brian Holt