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I am a huge fan of Thai food because of the exotic flavors using several notes for each dish that just makes me want to eat more and more. With this I am looking for the “best” place near me and I think I found in in Glendale!

Kozy Korner Thai Food
Kozy Korner is located at 213 W Wilson Ave, Glendale, CA 91203 in a tiny little building that can easily be missed. In my foodie trips the small places that are family owned taste the best since they cook with true passion and their dishes show that.
Kozy Korner Thai Food
The seating can fit about 20 people inside and due to the small room everybody is just about in a corner and it is very cozy. There is a table for 2 out front if you choose to have some fresh air.
Brian Holt foodie
We have been here several times and this time I decided to bring my camera and share this amazing place with everybody. For starters the Golden Tofu with the peanut sauce. Light crunch on the tofu and silky inside makes for a good bite and combine with the sauce it is so good.
Brian Holt reivew
The golden tofu is not enough for us four so we ordered the Tom Yum Kai while we go over the large menu and decide what else to get.
kozy korner thai food
The Tom Yum Kai will have nice and soft chunks of chicken breast along with tomatoes to balance it out in the soup. The mint and lemon grass are the follow up flavors that make this a fast to finish appetizer but not take away from the main course.
brian holt foodie
We all like spicy and basil so the Roasted Duck with Spicy Basil was a sure deal. The meat is so tender and will melt in your mouth with a decent amount of heat from the chili peppers and the heavy serving of basil all mixed in to make it perfect.
best thai food
The Lad Nah was a new dish for me but as a chicken and broccoli plate with a thick gravy and black pepper it was very good. We had a side order of rice and combining this plate with the rice to get the gravy is the way to finish this plate off quickly.
best thai food
Another savory dish was the Pad Kee Mao that was chicken, wide noodle, peppers and other vegetables to make a great tasting dish. Not to heavy with a thick gravy like the previous dish and easy to eat with chop sticks.
brian holt foodie
Saving the best for last and that will be the Spicy Eggplant with Beef and Basil! This is my go to dish at the Kozy Korner and I even tried to make it myself but I still cannot beat their dish.
My attempt of the Kozy Korner Thai Eggplant Basil
Years of experience at the Korner to make this dish so perfect. The eggplant is so tender and the skin is still purple and delicate to cut with a fork and not rubbery if it was over cooked. The beef is the same tenderness and both the eggplant and beef meld their flavors to balance the dish. The gravy is mostly basil and chili spices so it is a hot taste with a blast of basil in each bite. The eggplant and beef is so tender but the bell peppers are semi cooked and still have that crunch so every bite you take is magical. This is the must try dish here.

If you are looking for a great Thai Food place in the are make sure you stop by the Kozy Korner to see for yourself.

Thank you Kozy Korner for what you do, it’s amazing!

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Written by Brian Holt