The latest offering from Krytac is their Alpha rifle. With this there will be some differences from the standard Trident series.

krytac airsoft alpha review

With the new Alpha the parts will change as an upgrade. Pictured above is the older Trident and the A2 pistol grip will be upgraded to textured grip that is a great mix of the MagPul MOE and a Tango Down or MFT grip. The standard curved trigger will be switched out to a straight trigger as well.

krytac alpha crb fps

With the lower FPS of the Alpha CRB it will be more accessible to the CQB players without spending more money to downgrade which is a nice thing. Being that the FPS and price point is lower it opens the door for the more experienced players to upgrade to their liking.

krytac alpha gearbox review

The gearbox of the Krytac Alpha CRB is a little under powered when compared to the Trident CRB when it comes to the FPS or motor but the price is lower so you can install your favorite motor such as a Lonex. Looking at the rate of fire and fps the rifle will literally last forever for the average airsoft player that just wants a rifle to use and work out of the box.

Brian Holt Team Blacksheep Airsoft

Here is a recent video of the Krytac Trident CRD take down and assembly that will work for the newer Krytac Alpha in case you want to upgrade later on.

Now for the price of the two rifles which can be a deciding factor the Krytac Alpha will only cost $275 and for that price you can still add a 400 FPS spring and Lonex motor and still have a great deal. The Krytac Trident is still costing $345 but is already “upgraded” and ready to go to the field. The choice is yours. Check out the Krytac Alpha and Trident Comparison video here.

Written by Brian Holt