The KWA truck and trailer were at the event. When I first  glanced I saw the regular products but then I saw the new scorpion in the corner and I made a U turn.


This little SMG should be out soon but they are still working on the product just like other brands do to take their time and make sure everything works out great  so cut them some slack. Anyways the scorpion is a solid little gas SMG and a cool thing is that the stock can slide of for more of a pistol look and feel.


There has been a large influx of Russian weapons in the last couple months and the TT-33 was on display next to the other favorite Russian pistol the MKV.


This soon to be released gas blow back pistol does not have a solid release date but I am guessing this year and will be worth the wait so be patient. It looks and feels great.

Just across the way is BOLT Airsoft and their recoil AK and the KWA rifles are here. I have seen a video comparing the two rifles but I wanted to see first hand.

kwa-aeg-akThis AEG with the recoil is pretty solid and has a decent kick to it. It is different than the BOLT so you really can’t compare the two. This rifle is the shorter CQB sized AK74U with the folding stock. All the magic happens up top. I noticed how it is enclosed this will keep debris out of the moving parts and ensure the proper function of the rifle while in use which is a good thing. The battery for this rifle goes in the front hand guard.

To continue the AK goodness with KWA will be covering their new GBBR.

kwa-ak-gbbrRealistic field stripping is a nice thing to encounter. Pulling the bolt back I enjoyed hearing the moving parts and the trigger is crisp and easy to pull. Able to check the parts and they are built with high quality materials and look great.


Open with space and easy to work on if needed. Tech Tip is that if you want to release the hammer when the bolt is out you will have to trip the disconnector that is located on the front right section of the trigger group.


The nozzle looks beefy. The wall sample is the field model as well so they have put it through the tests to make sure it is good to go. This will be an AK GBBR to consider if you are looking to fulfill that loadout.

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