The other week we posted the news about the owner of Lancer Tactical being arrested while at SHOTShow which is rare at that convention and only for serious offenders and when both parties are present.

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Since then Lancer Tactical has released a brief and vague press release and trying to defend themselves and then pivot the issue at hand with a contest to sway the popular thought about them. Inspect below, highlighted key terms to elaborate more below the posting.
lancer tactical airsoft


Ar the goggles that Lancer Tactical produced and released to the public market a ‘fake’ of the Revision goggle(s)? Yes, they are and they are much cheaper so why would somebody risk blindness for saving some money?
Here is the comparison from the AirsoftGI website which sells both. It is not the stores sole responsibility to check the products they sell since there are thousands to sell and offer but it comes down to Lancer Tactical copying and then selling the products to make a quick buck on another companies time and effort to create.
lancer tactical fake goggles
Please notice the red circles on each picture and you can verify on the AirsoftGI website if you wish. The Lancer Tactical goggle called (CA-203T) and available in all colors uses the same attachment brace for the head strap and goggle and eye relief design so at a quick glance they are the ‘same’ to the average person. Along with that and how Lancer Tactical claims they have not and are not making any counterfeit products they filled in the logo area to make it ‘new’ but it is still the same thing.

The pricing is ridiculous as well and if you are an Airsofter and wanting to save money you aspire to be like the Navy Seals and or other elite squads and see what they have and what to copy, right? Well Lancer Tactical is doing that sealing the idea and design of this goggle and many others to make a quick sale while they push out their non rated ‘safety goggles’

ANSI Ratings

Looking at the two goggles, one is offered for military and general public and the other is offered as airsoft safety goggles. The Lancer Tactical press release stated they have ANSI ratings to ensure safety to the Airsoft players…. but looking at their website and product page for the goggle CA-203B AIRSOFT SAFETY GOGGLES BASIC WITH MULTI LENS KIT there is no mention of any ANSI rating or mentioned on the AirsoftGI product pages as well. Only comment on the goggle is “Safety Goggle”. Looking at the Revision Desert Locust Military Goggle System there is a ton of information about the ANSI rating along with fog tests and much more to ensure the buyer is comfortable and happy with the purchase and feels safe. On the AirsoftGI website for the Revision googles there is mention of the ANSI rating which is a good thing.

Lying and Stealing to make a quick buck on Airsofters but it gets better.

Make sure you share this with your friends to make sure they are safe out on the field.
lancer tactical fake products
Time for a contest to share and distract the Airsoft community about the fake products and arrest with free stuff and a video with claims of their great product posted on their facebook page and shared by many and almost 2,000 views of people that will not know the real story. This video claims to show the ANSI rating of their CA-221B AIRSOFT SAFETY GOGGLES w/STYLIZED VENTS in a piss poor video for shock and awe to wow the kids into wanting these goggles and loving Lancer Tactical no matter what. Check out their website that was just linked and there is no mention again of ANSI rating but they do let you know the lens is 3mm thick. Cardboard is 3mm thick but it is no ‘safety goggle’. And to make this even worse is that the goggles they are professing as great and ‘theirs’ is again another stolen copy of the Areana Flak Jak which is a legit google and has ANSI ratings on their website. Learn more about the Arena Flak Jak goggles in a video of ours.

So in conclusion Lancer Tactical was busted by Revision at SHOTShow and called out and to sway the Airsoft Community into not taking note they briefly acknowledge it and open more of a mess. To sweeten the deal they do a contest to distract the Airsoft Community with another stolen product and more lies about their ANSI ratings.
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If you are thinking this is getting blown out of proportion since Lancer Tactical changed the goggle and removed the Revision and Arena logo(stupid if they left it) then why was KRISS and Krytac so upset and sought legal action against A&K with their VECTOR (AEG) which had several cosmetic changes and not as close but still looked the same? Because they stole the idea and rights which these companies have for their licensed products and brands.


Lancer Tactical has been making cheap copies for a long time and now they are getting busted and soon it will come crashing down. The owner was arrested and now they are basically lying to the Airsoft Community to safe face but they can’t since they have no ASNI rating what so ever.

Written by Brian Holt