For most Airsoft games you have only a few hours to be on the field and you have the safety of the table in the staging area to keep your gear and needed items for the afternoon you are playing. The normal staging area for an Airsoft game is great and all but Milsim West takes it to a whole new level with their military experience and total immersion for the Airsoft player. At a recent game in central California the weather was particularly bad and pouring rain every night but that did not stop myself and team member Roland from toughing it out. It was so bad that most of the players left the first night and the total numbers at the end of the ‘game’ was around 30 out of 150 on each team. Here is a video recap of the time living on the field which I admit was rough but I enjoyed it but my camping and outdoors skills let us make it through.

Written by Brian Holt