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Getting many requests on my Cheesy Bread snack so I’m doing my best to share it with you all. I watch a lot of Food Network and might have seen something similar but I just made it up as I went along and have made this many times and it always has a slightly different result since it’s just from memory.
Cook Time 15 Minutes – Prep Time 5 Minutes – Servings 32
2 Jumbo dinner rolls(flaky Hawaiian type)(8 pack)
1 pack of mozzarella string cheese(family pack of 20)
2 table spoons of parsley(dried or fresh)
2 table spoons of garlic powder
1 stick of butter

Prep work:
Let the butter thaw in a bowl.
Use 2 large cookie sheets for this. This batch will make 32 Cheesy Bread bites.
Cut the string cheese into thirds and have extra on hand for quality assurance… Make 32+ smaller pieces.
Pre heat the oven to 375 or temperature listed on the package for the rolls.
Getting started:
1. Open the dinner rolls and they easily separate into 8 distinct rolls, since they are ‘flaky’ and with layers use your fingers and divide them in half along a flake line.
2. Add a piece of the cheese stick into the center of the bread dough.
3. Fold over the dough into a half circle shape.
4. Use a fork to press the edges together and seal together.
5. Put in the oven and set timer.
6. Melt the butter and stir in the garlic and parsley.
7. Remove golden brown bread from oven.
8. With a brush or spoon add the butter sauce on top and cover moderately.
9. Serve!

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Written by Brian Holt