AK’s??? Who doesn’t like AK platforms! Specially Tactical modern style AK’s. With the growing fad of keymods and fusion engines these days, almost all gun setup are the same. Don’t get me wrong I also wanted to keymod my Echo1 Platinum M4, but seeing the sheer numbers of them on the field made me get over them pretty quickly. Just like the XCR’s this gun has an affordable option but not a cheaper option like a “sportline” which is lacking on parts. This Genesis OCW ($165) has a slightly better gearbox than the  RedStar OCW ($270) metal version offered by Echo1 but it is much cheaper for those who can’t afford the metal ones. Honestly with those prices I could get a fully functioning AEG with various external and internal upgrades to my liking. That’s when I saw this Echo1 Genesis OCW AK. It has all that I need on an AK platform that wont make my wallet very light. Not that its already light as it is. Perfect for newcomers and seasoned players alike. Its light weight polymer construct makes it perfect for my small stature and weak hands.

echo1 ak ocw

Upon opening the box you will find that it is in a closed cell foam that keeps it safe from getting damaged and kept in place.

genesis charging handle

Other than a little assembly of the charging handle, which is self explanatory this gun is ready for play right off the bat. Here is the Echo1 Tech Support on the OCW as well.

echo1 ak ocw genesis

It comes with a 8.4V stick battery, a wall charger, sight adjustment tool, mag winding tool, a 550 round High capacity magazine and a 30 day Echo1 warranty card. The Blazing orange flash hider is also there for transporting and safety features.

echo1usa gun tag

The gun comes with its unique serial number ,logos and has awesome stickers. Both side of the stock has informative stickers that states that it is, Lipo ready , Pre-Upgraded internals and the 30 day warranty Echo1 provides once you register your gun. On the left side of the gun is the cool Genesis wings Logo. it also has an official licensed echo1 product sticker like the ones you find in a fancy ball cap. On the right of the gun is where you find the serial number and a warning sticker on what not to do.

genesis ocw handle

One of the features I like about this gun is the ambidextrous charging handle. Adjusting the sliding hop-up bar is easier this way. With pre installed upgrade parts like the Madbull hop-up bucking, steel gears, 8mm steel bearings,  a metal spring guide to hold that M120 spring for that 400 FPS I would need if I play out doors. The battery compartment is small and can only fit certain kinds of stick battery.


I’ll be using a Socom Gear 11.1 stick Lipo that fits perfectly inside that rail tube assembly. Rewiring to the stock can also give you more variety of batteries to use, like nunchuck style and others that will fit there. Also going to change the small tamia plug to deans to get better contact.

ak selector lever

The selector switch is a standard AK lever with engravings of AB for full auto and OA for semi, pushing the lever all the way up is to put it on safety.

mission first tactical stock

The butt stock has a five possibly six position adjustable levels of comfort and can hold certain types of batteries. Because this gun is wired to the upper receiver, I can replace it and use my Mission First Tactical Minimalist stock that I paracorded for additional looks.

paracord stock custom

I used about 7 foot 550 paracord for this. Using a cobra knot and singe it at the ends. Because you’ll never know when you will need a survival cord in a hurry. Looks awesome yah? I also have a video on how to make a ParaCord Rail Cover that you should check out.

tactical ak saw grip

The pistol grip is very comfortable and is a M249 style, not a lot of AEG pistol grips out there that appeals to me so I’ll keep it as it is.

AK 74 RIS genesis

The Echo1 Genesis OCW’s quad rail although made of polymer is tough enough to hold any attachments you put on to it. These rail section can accommodate either vertical , angled fore grips, launchers, lights, lasers, and optics. I will be using a Magpull hand stop on it since I find it more comfortable than the other grips out there, and it is tailored made to the way I hold my gun. As for optics I have an RMR style Red Dot that will give it a little flare. A flashlight would also be utilized since I play a lot of CQB in tight and dark places.

madbull silencer ocw

Madbull’s OSS back pressure regulator 2 suppressor will give this gun looks from other players like “wow. Now that’s a tactical AK! Adding attachments to this gun doesn’t make it heavy at all, in fact it gives it a little heftiness since its light to begin with.

echo1 genesis gameplay


Had the pleasure to field test it at Hollywood Sports park this past weekend. Although the gun comes with just 1 magazine, it was all I needed to play that day. At the chrono station it registered at around 407 FPS with the hop up off, which was a little over the limit. With a little hop up adjustment I got it down to 389 FPS which is within the 400 limit of the field. During the gameplays, the gun shoots awesome and the accuracy although not that great is enough for me to hit my targets.

custom echo1 genesis ocw

Overall this gun is a must buy for people who are just starting to play and seasoned players alike. Versatility and practicality, The Echo1 Genesis OCW is hands down the perfect AEG for me.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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