Airsofters in the UK
Recently there was a little get together in the UK to showcase the new VFC Airsoft rifles that are now available for the Airsoft Players in the UK and local areas. VFC Launch Party Redwolf Airsoft UK hosted at Grange Live Gaming in Birmingham, UK. there has been so much news coming from VegaForce Company or VFC Airsoft in way of new products in the Spring, GBBR and AEG platforms that have been released in Taiwan, Asia, USA and now in the UK!
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The recent releases are using more modern Kyemod and MLok handgaurds to keep up with the times and ahead of the other companies. Check out some of the pictures from the event. Share with your friends to spread the word as well and check them out on the local fields and stores.
Airsoft guns in the UK
Airsoft guns in the UK

Airsoft guns in the UK
Airsoft guns in the UK
UK airsoft guns from VFC
Pictures from Airsoft and Milsim News Blog

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This has been a great year for VFC Airsoft and next year will be better since they are on a roll and soon to be the best Airsoft manufacture in the world!

Written by Brian Holt