I headed out to the big state of Texas for the AirsoftGI event. This is their second store opening and they had a great event with hundreds of people braving the cold in a line wrapped around the building to get in for the great deals. The new store is located at: 4720 Highway 121 Plano, TX in a shopping center with a Game Stop and super Walmart. You can camp at the store or at least the parking lot  and never have to leave!

I  was able to look around and see the new stuff and wanted to share with you guys. Outside at the Elite Force tent there was the new HK USP in Tan. I think I was the first to see it outside of their company and they brought it out for the event which is cool.

hk usp tan

The HK USP has a metal slide with the trade marks and a tan polymer lower. All the same controls as the other USP’s but now is a tan option with is nice instead of painting which comes off.

usp hk tanUsing standard KWA USP mags so you can get them at just about any store and hit the field. The outer barrel is threaded so you cna use aftermarket mock suppressors like the new MadBull Gemtec cans for the .45 that are sweet.

Also at the booth I was able to check out the new G36 with the 2 round burst option.

hk g36 airsoft

The rifle has a nylon fiber feel and is sturdy. Taking off the hand guard gives you access tot eh battery compartment and mini plug. No fuse is present.

g36 burst

The fire selector has Safe, Semi, 2 round burst and Full Auto. This burst is a mixed feeling for me since if you know how your rifle works you can do a burst with your finger at no cost and most of the aftermarket burst chips seem like trainers for the shooters which is odd.  But that is my take of it. A DMR setup would be cool and almost like an AN94 but yeah…

hk g36 airsoft gun

the gearbox drops out of the rifle with the take down pins like a real G36. the gearbox is different due to the massive control chip. Keep it out of water and you will be fine. I was told it uses standard parts for upgrades so with that and the burst you have so many options of upgrades to suit your needs.

I made my way inside and saw the new G&P Knights URX 3.

knights sr16

This is a solid rifle like the past G&P rifles but now with the Knights Armament trade marks. The orange flash hider is like the MadBull KX3 amplifier and makes the gun sound louder in the shooting range and wowed the people and made them think the rifle is more powerful. lol

knights sr16

The URX3 rail does not have markings which is odd but it still completes the look. The latest dimpled rail covers feel nice and solid on the rail and great in hand. The flip up metal sights lock into place and click for adjustments.

knight sr16

The hop up unit is the same and still metal and overall great. The fake bolt does not lock back in place like a VFC.

knights sr16 sling mount

The body does not use the older style built in QD mount for slings but uses the newer and better buffer tube mount option which is much more secure and it has the Knight’s logo on it too.

knights sr16 airsoft

The stock wiring does not have a fuse and uses a deans plug. This is a great out of the box upgrade which G&P includes with most of their newer rifles.

echo1 xcr metal polymer

The new store had the Echo1 XCR’s on the wall with the metal and polymer version to give the airsofters an XCR with their budget. The top rifle is the polymer option that sells around $200 and uses a regular V2 gearbox and the other metal XCR uses its own gearbox and costs around $370

echo1 xcr hop up

The XCR hop up units are both adjustable but different. The polymer version uses a M4 1 piece and the metal version uses one similar to an AUG. The metal version has a locking bock and functional bolt release while the polymer version does not.

echo xcr selector

The selectors are different but not bad. The polymber version uses a regular M4 styled selector and the metal version has more realistic selector just like the real XCR. Check out our XCR at the range here.

Everybody has a sniper rifle in their airsoft life. I had an Maurzen APS2 and the new ASG M40A3 caught my eye at the store.


The new M40A3 is a sweet new rifle for the airsoft field. The color and grip make is stand out from the world of L96’s. The M40A3 has the stock fps of 420 or so. The bolt pull back was very soft and nothing like the 500 fps rifles out there.

m40A3 stock

There is a nice texture on the grip and the stock has the adjustments for the shooter’s cheek and shoulder. These parts are included.

asg m40A3

The rifle is quite realistic i the fact it uses a box mag in the real location. Since the rifle is spring powered the bolt and cylinder are longer than a real bolt so the bbs are routed to the front section like the TM VSR10. This keeps the rifle nice and clean looking and true to life.

If you want to learn more about these rifles you can check with the knowledge staff at the store. I watched and listened and they know what they are talking about which made me happy. Check out the video with Bob the Axeman to see the store and how big it is. Echo1 at GI Tactical Texas

Thanks for reading and see you guys later 🙂

Written by Brian Holt