Tactical Gear is needed for the average Airsofter to make things easier as well as the Milsim Airsofter to better fit the part of the role they are playing on the field and in the squad. What kind of gear should you get and why? Get something that will work for you and that is build to last, saving now means failing later. I am doing a TWO PART series on the latest Tactical Gear I got from Next Level Tactical from California; that specializes in Airsoft, Tactical Gear, Kydex and much more. This FIRST video will be a brief unboxing and examination of the products and the SECOND video(s) will be a more in depth review of each part. Check out the video below.

Here are all the products that I showed in the video. I will have the links to the product page if you would like to check it out and purchase from them.
molle gear light
First up is the Pistol Mag Pouch or it could be for SureFire Lights which I thought it was at first. Constructed out of 600-denier polyester oxford this will be a rigid and waterproof option to hold the 1911 single stacks or the double stack magazines even with an extended base plate. Note the “NLT” sticking done in this product and all the rest for a nice touch.
ar15 mag pouch
The Single AR15/M4 Mag Pouch will be of the same material and use a bungee retention system to keep the magazine in place and allow for fast and easy removal when needed.
tactical gear
Need more magazines on the front of your vest then the Double Magazine Pouch is what you need. Able to hold two mags at a time and keep them in place when on the move with the velcro flap along with the molle and the square bottom to prevent any pulling away from the host gear during extreme conditions.
tactical dump pouch
Now you have all these mags and no where to put them when empty right? Well their Roll Up Dump Pouch is going to do the trick. Able to roll up and be out of the way when not needed and then able to deploy and securely hold 8 magazines with a pull string it makes for a great dump pouch and I was really excited to get my hands on it.

molle pack tactical
The gear you need on the field either a hydro pack, Air Tank for HPA, Hiking equip, Ammo for the range the Modular Pack will be a great choice. This modular pouch is able to be worn as a back pack with the included shoulder straps or they can be removed and then attached directly to the back of your plate carrier to securely hold that HPA tank, Hydro pack or any other items you will need. The double zipper allows for a fast and easy one handed opening to access items and a fast way to close it back up.
tactical plate carrier
Now for the grand prize per say in the box will be the NLT Gear Plate Carrier. All the other items mentioned will be able to secured attach onto this carrier and then add more if needed. This carrier is designed to maximize space and options without weighing down the user. There was several buckles and flaps that I was confused on as seen in the video but with all the good options it will be a great choice. Able to hold standard 10×12 SAPI style plates in the front and rear and enough room for the longer 13″ length plates for a tall guy like myself. With all the velcro it will be a secure fit for the panels and any molle attached. No need to worry about should fatigue since the shoulders are contoured and padded which is a nice touch. I will have to spend more time going over this carrier to cover all the great features and let you all know and that might be a 20 minute video at least. I can see myself retiring my old plate carrier and using this, just like cell phones you have to upgrade to the latest products and technology.
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Written by Brian Holt