Who is Nuprol? They started as a “gas can” or Green Gas in the Airsoft world several years back and have not been talked about really since they are just a company that released a pretty good power supply for all of our gas blow back pistols and rifles. They have been releasing more and more items under their branding to gain popularity and follow the other companies and brands but yet do not see what they are doing. The good and bad sides of this trend. Following others that worked out is ok since you have an example but might not know the reasons why it worked. The bad reason is it just floods the already tight Airsoft market with more of the same stuff, case in point; M4’s and all their uniqueness…
nuprol mk18 airsoft rifle
Cool another MK18 rifle to add to the already 5 models on the market from other companies. How do we know this rifle is good or not since they are known for making gas cans? We need to wait for reviews which will be scripted from certain sources or negative from third parties which would complain about it being another MK18 or M4 which happens all the time in reviews. But on a serious note, the MK18 looks like it might be OEM’ed by E&L Airsoft since the selector and mag release are grey and could be like the E&L Airsoft MK18 covered int he video below

If the Nuprol MK18 under the “Delta” line up is from E&L Airsoft that is ok since we all know it will be great for the price and build but why not just buy the original MK18 from E&L? This is where Nuprol is making the errors and having the Airsoft players choose between their brand and another for the same(ish) product. Check out the rest of the Delta rifles to find Knight’s rails and Noveske KeyMods setups that copy and confuse the players on what to get.

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team blacksheep airsoft
Making more M4’s is the plan right and then we make more sales? They must have not seen the online Airsoft Community and the hate for new rifles that are released that happen to be an M4. These rifles will sell slowly once word gets out but why copy the looks of other rifles? This just makes it harder for the Nuprol reps to compare and show the potential customer why their MK18 is the better choice than another. This looks just like the Ares Amoeba “Honey Badger” and not sure if it is OEM’ed but it sure looks the part with the addition of the ambi selector but most will overlook that. To make things harder Classic Army has released a PDW style stock rifle series that will be a direct competitor to these rifles. Who was in charge of market research and development on these three series consisting of around fifteen rifles?
brian holt blogger
WOW what is this? This is their ugly ducking which is great looking but yet not given enough time in front of the camera and Airsoft Players. This is the Nuprol AK21 which is a mix of the M4, XCR, Masada and SCAR sorta; all the good stuff mixed into one rifle. This is going to be a game charger but it will not sell well since the other more popular Nuprol M4″s will be pushed harder to make sales and this will be forgotten in the back of the warehouse. Focusing on the AK21 would be the best option. Case in point the ASG Evo and how they talked about it non-stop until it was popular, that is how marketing works!
odin works bb loader
Speaking of the back of the warehouse where the AK21 is there is this BB Loader… This looks just like the Odin Works BB Loader but no name or branding on the packaging, interesting to say the least. Check out the first video from the creator and Odin Works BB Loader, the video is below.

So Nuprol is copying the business model of other companies of making M4’s and other companies products as a “copy” or “counterfeit” like Lancer Tactical has been caught doing. More questionable items on their website if you were wondering.
If they stuck to the Gas Bottles and the AK21 and other NEW products that would be great but copying all the others just muddies the water and makes it hard for Airsofters to see what they want.
What are your thoughts on this?
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Written by Brian Holt