Operation Black Shield is an annual summer game held at SC Village and the theme this year was USA vs Russia. For most Ops people will cover just the field and gameplay but I decided to cover the stuff other people will not see most of the times. I decided to be the Airsoft news reporter like I did long ago and bring the news to the masses. I didn’t care about titles and just wanted info to share with you guys.

sc village airsoft park

This event was a three day event so I heard and we showed up on Sunday for the raffle and the last day. some people camped out for this event since they are some hardcore airsofters. We got our booth setup in short time.


The Echo1USA booth had several rifles on display and some of the new rifles like the Combat Master and the sample of the PSR. Learn more about the Echo1USA booth here.

The waves of airsofters were like the tides and there were the busy times and then the dead times in the vendor row and that is when I was able to check out all the cool stuff. I made my way around to meet and greet everybody with a #selfie.

airsplat airsplat army

I was able to chat with Anthony and Paul about some of the new products they are carrying like the BOLT lineup and their new Ares rifle. Learn more about their booth here.

The sun started to come out and burn the fog away for a great day of airsofting. I went across the way to the local tech center on the field.



The guys at Umbrella Armories are working at SC Village to offer their on site Tech Services and free giggles for me. The gun that caught my eye was the ‘walmart gun from hell’ I knew what it was from the moment I saw it there looking so innocent. Learn more about what they do here.

airsoft master store

Airsoft Master was here as well. He has his upgrade and customizing store in SoCal. All kinds of upgrades are possible with him and the second to none in the customer service dept. To see more of his builds and learn more.

I stopped by the G&G booth and got a quick shot!


I wanted to chat about the new rifles but was directed to their website to learn more. I headed over to the next booth.

The next booth was a surprise at Valken Tactical being that I was able to meet the winner of the last Echo1 Santa contest and Adella Relentless bam! We talked about the new BB line up and the clothing line.

valken tactical


Make sure you check out their booth info. I uncovered a huge story at their booth.

Now these guys I see in my facebook feed and their crazy HPA setups. Check out GSX Airsoft  to see what I mean.

gsx airsoft

This is a local team that is more fun and family orientated and I really like that. Ever wanted a HPA M93R? check out their video about it!


I was able to get a quick picture at the AEX booth.

airsoft extreme

Their team was busy on the field kicking butt. They had some cool armor suits on display and a photo bomber too! I wasn’t able to get any info but only eye candy, next time for sure.

Bolt Airsoft

Are you in the market for a Electric Blow Back M4? Well BOLT Airsoft has what you need. I have been watching them refine their rifles for some time and now they are awesome. There are the spare parts as well which is a good thing since most newer companies do not think that far ahead. Check out more of the booth here.

kwa airsoft

Inside the KWA trailer to check out the display pistols and rifles and get my hands on their GBBR AK74. I spent a good amount of time here, check it out here and see why.

airsoftgi daniel

AirsoftGI was another booth that was one part demo and one part reload station for the reps. I was able to get a hold of Daniel and talk about the new stuff and battle stories. Check out the AirsoftGI booth here.

echo1 redstar lmg

At the end of the epic games there was the raffle from all the vendors to shower the remaining airsofters in so much free stuff. There were a lot of happy people and overall everybody had a great time from what I heard.

Brian at Echo1

Our crew and myself had a fun time at the Op. Being able to talk to the fellow players and answer questions or let them check out the new stuff is great. Remember Airsoft is about having fun with your friends 🙂
Make sure you check out all the booths and their linked pages to learn more about what they had at Op Black Shield.

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