The Airsoft scene has been M4’s for the longest time but now there has been an update to the same old thing.. PKP!
The PKM was making waves and now there is a PKP kit that has been released. This is a kit or complete rifle option that can be found at Airsoft GI or Raptor Airsoft.
Airsoft GI pkp
This new PKP is to fit into the more modern Russian military as an updated PKM machine gun which was big and bulky. Now the PKP will be around 5kg and using a 530mm inner barrel so it will be a light weight option on the field and still more than enough fire power for the Milsim West events.
airsoft pkp machine gun
The gearbox of the Raptor PKP will have some better parts than the A&K PKM which it works with such as 9mm bearings instead of 8mm’s. The cylinder parts will be upgraded and no need to really change them out which is great for the user. A CNC aluminium cylinder head and piston head are a great addition.
For the purchase of the Raptor PKP players in Europe can find them in the large and small stores in Spain and France and the USA players can find them at Airsoft GI, find the Raptor Airsoft PKP Pecheneg Conversion Kit and the complete Raptor PKP Pecheneg AEG LMG (Black) in stock on their website.
To see more about this PKP check out the video from Raptor.

Written by Brian Holt