Plants make people happy. Why is that? A house plant or potted plant on the window sill does not have any entertainment value like a video game or movie but yet they are so good for people of all ages. Could it be they allow us to control something small in our chaotic life and it makes us feel good or they are just pretty to look at and to decorate our homes?
making succulents plants for gifts
Over the last couple years I have been getting more info planting and sharing this joy with others. Over the last year I have been creating succulent arrangements and giving away to friends and family only a single piece here and there.
succulent Propagation
succulent Propagation
succulent Propagation
succulent Propagation
succulent Propagation
This year I stepped it up a level and prepared my backyard and table for a lot of plant gifts. I started by propagating the succulents to make more of them and I have not bought a new plant in months! Making more and putting in little pots or in the backyard to grow and this takes time. Time is one of the most valuable thing we have and this proves it by the months involved. Starting a couple dozen new succulents from just the pedals takes time and it is worth it.

succulents for gifts
It’s time to get started and building this gift arrangements. Going to the store for glassware or pottery is another entire process in itself but I kept it simple.
How do you pick and choose what goes with what? I just put the colors together that I thought looks good as complimentary or contrast and other factor is if they had little kids I wouldn’t give them any cactus. That is how I got a bunch of cactus last time “cactus party” on my Instagram page.
Also if I gave them something similar last time or if they have a favorite color that helps decide the style.
succulent guide
plants make poeple happy
The larger pots are for my family up in Bakersfield that I went to go see over Thanksgiving and it sorta counted as a Christmas gift and just because. So I made theirs bigger and more of the special succulents from my garden. In my collection of species I don’t really know the names but I have a lot of the basic and common ones you see at the nursery or home improvement stores and then I have some harder to find species.
plants make people happy
potted succulents gift
They loved the plants and couldn’t stop staring at them but the turkey finally got their full attention.
The other smaller plants were for an upcoming Friends Giving party so I had the help from Christina to supervise and make them just right for our friends based on what they like in terms of colors. And again everyone love getting them. Taking them to work to brighten up their desk or leaving at home on a bright table top.
succulents for gifts
A little Christmas Eve breakfast for my team at work and I’m making them a little something for the people that showed interest in my gardening and planting hobby. Funny how my nickname is “Groot” in the office and I see how that fits…

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I am Groot! This is so me, quiet and helping others. I got this and knew the perfect plant to use for it! #garden #groot #iamgroot #green #plantbased #plants #nature #like #share #follow #present #thankyou #friends #ihavethisthingwithplants #urbanjungle #indoorjungle #indoorplants

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Plants make people happy since they are reminded of a little world they control and they love how someone wants to share that with them. Also the time it takes to make a planted gift means so much to people when they know you spent your time thinking about them. Plants make everything better!

The previous Christmas I stumbled onto my creative and crafting skills and made a unique gift for Christina. I really didn’t see anything like it on Pinterest or other sites so I was excited. I now see it a little more common but not like what I made her. I made the wire frame stand by hand to hold the bottle and the corks that acted as mini planters
succulents for gifts
succulents for gifts
Now to continue the theme of this lovely gift that combined our love of succulents and wine I had to add some jewelry. Picking out the right kind is a tough decision but since we recently finished catching up on Game of Thrones and she really likes the Star to my Moon line this seemed just right!
plants for gifts
So I got another cork and carved out the inside to make a hidden compartment to hold the gold necklace for safe keeping. Gluing the edges shut along the seems of the cork and making it a secret gift was extremely hard since glue will ruin the necklace!
brian holt plant blog
Tie it with a bow and make it look cute and she didn’t even realize until I pointed it out on Christmas morning and heard a noise from inside the cork when I shook it! Plants and jewelry to make a special gift for that special someone in your life.

This year we did the crafting together and did a Succulent Wreath Workshop at the Huntington Library.
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I like giving people happiness in the form of plants. If you want to make me happy get me a plant and I will just make more and give to others to spread the joy. If you like what I’m doing please share this blog and share with your friends, thank you.
By the time I wrote out this blog and got around to publish it a few weeks passed and I started planting some decent sized arrangements and going to have them ready for a just right time to give to my friends or if they need them for other people. Check them out below.
succulents for gifts
succulents for gifts
succulents for gifts
succulents for gifts
If you want some and are local contact me on my Instagram @the_brian_holt and we can get something sorted out.
Thanks again for checking out my latest hobby and enjoy this sunset picture of my windowsill with my plants.
succulents for gifts

Written by Brian Holt