Time for a shoutout if I may, on these potstickers. As you know I am a big foodie and like cooking my own meals with fresh ingredients or going out to great places. But I just have to let you know about these PRIME Potstickers. For my easy lunch of noodles I usually throw in some potstickers or fish cake to make it a little more filling and I have tried a bunch from HK Market, Trader Joes, Ralphs and Costco. These are a winner winner chicken dinner for me based on taste, cost and ingredients.
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First up the bag is resealable! I hate the other bags that spill in the freezer. These are going to be pre-cooked and ready to eat in minutes which caught my attention. Each potsticker will be using all natural ingredients and no preservatives which is nice so it is not quite a junk food. The last and best part of them is the fact they have half the sodium as the other potstickers, less salty and more flavor! I have tried the Ling Ling potstickers and those were “ok” at the time but these are so much better.
sriracha potstickers
For breakfast, I’m using a little butter since that makes everything taste better and pan frying the potstickers. Making this meal in about 10 minutes total. Heat them up and Eat them up since they are pre cooked. Flip and brown as needed and easy, I could microwave them but I like the crispy taste.
potstickers for breakfast
Food is up in record time. Eggs with fresh cut green onions from my garden, butter and honey toast and the spicy Sriracha Potstickers and a little extra for style points. Easy and done in minutes with two pans and a healthy breakfast that was fast and easy.
sriracha potstickers
Inside the Sriracha Potstickers will be an explosion of flavor and textures and not a paste like the others on the market. Since it is all natural I noticed some are spicier than others and makes them enjoyable. Thin skin and pump potstickers make for a great side or snack.
I bought these at my local Costco when they had a “road show” which is a limited time event and I got to taste before I bought them and they had a great deal on them so I bought two bags and it was only $19.98 total.
Learn more about them here: www.primeartisancuisine.com

Nutritional info and bag
sriracha potstickers
sriracha potstickers

Written by Brian Holt