What is this? A bullpup AK sniper platform? Yes that is what it is! It has been a while since JAG Precision and ECHO1 USA has released anything new on the market and this looks great for those players that want to stand out and use a Russian type platform.
First question we all ask: Can we upgrade it?
Answer is YES but it is already pre-upgraded to be ready for the field with 450fps out of the box so only a little is needed to max it out. I will link a gearbox video below for the RedStar CSR.
Lets take a look at the Red Star CSR-A Wyvernov
Red Star CSR-A Wyvernov Airsoft review
Red Star CSR-A Wyvernov Airsoft review
Red Star CSR-A Wyvernov Airsoft review
Specs of the Red Star CSR-A Wyvernov
FPS (Feet Per Second): ~450
Weight:7.8 lbs. (3.5 kg)
Product Support:30 day limited warranty
Fire Mode – Safe – Semi – Auto
Inner Barrel Length: 650mm
Barrel Caliber: 6.06mm
Magazine Capacity:220 rounds
Recommended BB:.28g or Higher
Power source:Battery
Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Ready:Yes
Battery Location: Handguard
BB Caliber: 6mm
Bearing Size: mm Steel Bearings, 8 Pieces
Body type:Metal and Polymer
Gearbox Reinforced:Yes
Gearbox Type:Proprietary
Motor Type:Short Torque Motor
Sights included:Yes, Front and Rear
Outer Barrel Construction:One piece metal
Metal Specifics:50% on gun
Plastic Specifics:Handguard and Stock
Spring Guide:Version 3 Metal Spring Guide
Gear Specs:4 Gear System Train System
Piston Body: toothed with Half tooth cut
Wiring Harness:Custom with Fuse Bypass
Specs and Pictures from JAG Precision.com
For the Gearbox video of the RedStar CSR that will be the same gearbox internals as the newer Red Star CSR-A Wyvernov this video from Echo1 TechSupport will help you out.

Being that this is not a crowd favorite due to it’s bullpup design and AK themed but for those looking for a compact sniper platform and to be different those players will definitely enjoy this rifle. That’s the best part about the Airsoft Community since everybody can do something that makes them happy and still be a part of something bigger. Now if you are thinking about getting into Airsoft and being that Sniper Role for the team check out this related topic and shootout from Airsoft GI that covers the 3 based snipers.
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The AEG platform will still be the best for the beginning Airsoft Sniper so the Red Star CSR-A Wyvernov will be a good choice.

What do you think about this new rifle on the field?
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Written by Brian Holt