Our  team Team Blacksheep has been running the German camouflage and most of the rifles for a long time and this MG42 has got us excited and we finally bought it! First off this machine gun is a beast with that classic style when compared to the other support guns out there.rpk pkm m240 mg42

When you take a look at the MG42 you will see just how big the machine gun is. Time to spread it out on some gear and take some glamor shots.

matrix mg42

The MG42 bipod is made out of steel and has the spring loaded legs to keep them out and ready for the ground. The feet have the nice sharp tangs to really dig into the ground and to steady your shot. The mount is able to pivot and move in case your targets are trying to get away. If you want to remove the bipod unit you can with a simple button and clip system.

matrix mg42 team blacksheep

The bipod is able to be folded up and latched into the heat shield. There are two options for the bipod placement but this is the ideal and iconic look. You will see Team Blacksheep rocking this on the field.

team blacksheep matrix

The heat shield has the mock removable barrel door. Little features like this are awesome. The inner and outer barrel set is fixed and not able to be removed like the real machine but that is fine and keeps it simple and keeps the cost down.

matrix mg42

The drum mag is held in place with a hook and latch system. The drum mag is made out of steel and that mates with the steel construction on the feed tray. This is great and ensures the drum mag to stay on the gun while in use. The small spring tube is used to have the BBs travel out of the auto wind drum and into the hop up unit. We will add some heat shrink on it o keep dirt and debris out of this system.

matrix mg42

Inside the drum mag is roomy to hold about 2000 BBs and the battery unit to power the motor to feed the gun. The battery pack uses four AA batteries and there is a small plug that goes to the trigger unit so when the trigger is pulled the drum winds up and loads BBs into the gun for a flawless feeding and making this a beast on the field. Now we will see if it keeps up with the high rate of fire to make it true to life and earn the name of “Hilter’s Buzzsaw” which would be about 30 BBs a second and at 400 fps this will make Team Blacksheep a force to recon with on the fields.

The small plastic transfer block joins the spring tube and the hop up unit. It seems a little cheap and easy to be lost. We will make the second video showing all the little  tips and tricks and the upgrades to make this machine gun great and this will be one of them we cover. As you you can see the gearbox is a large type with a quick change spring guide. The shell is not like the M249 or M60 series but still looks like a tank. This will be great for playing at multiple locations with different FPS limits.



Out of the box the FPS is around 400-420 and a decent rate of fire with a 11.1v lipo about 15-16 BPS. The inner barrel is quite long and goes to just about the end and is 600mm according to the website. Cost on this bad boy is around $500 USD and can be found at Evike.com

Click on the picture below to watch the video. If you are looking to get into the support gun role then this might be your next choice.

Written by Brian Holt