The electric rifle has endless possibilities for the upgrades. Most of the upgrades are the same and with a slight improvement over the last. ROA Airsoft from France has come out with a double O-ring piston head. Check out the ROA Airsoft website to order today. This is a great idea and a good thing to have on the market for the people that want to upgrade their rifles and have the new parts.

roa piston head

The piston head is made out of DELRIN which is a high density polymer and carved from a block and not layered and glued like some others. You will get a set of bearing plates like any other piston head set and the main event the ROA Airsoft piston head. You will notice their logo cut into the face of the piston head and the ports.

roa piston head review

The side view shows you the workings of the ROA Airsoft piston head and the double o-ring upgrade. The double o-rings will completely seal in the cylinder giving you a perfect air seal.

ROA on VFC piston

roa piston setup

The test of the ROA Airsoft double piston head will be on a stock VFC M4. As you can see the new piston head is thicker than the stock piston head and pushes the piston back a little. Having the piston pushed back will help a great deal when you are upgrading and wanting your rifle to last for years since the AoE will be corrected. The AoE may not be perfect to your liking but for a fast and easy upgrade part to install this does the trick.

ROA piston aoe correction

Here is another view to show how the piston is pushed back and the AoE is corrected. The VFC pistons already have the second tooth removed so this is an easy install. for other pistons you will have to remove the second and a small amount on the third tooth depending on the mesh.

how to correct piston aoe

Here is the before and after comparison of the stock VFC piston head to the ROA piston head. The angle of engagement or AoE is corrected and this will ensure the piston to last much longer for the years of use. The advantage this part has is you do not lose cylinder volume and fps as you do when you sorbo the cylinder head. This new piston head is useful for stock fps of 280 to 500 as stated on the ROA facebook I do not see any issues with the construction and doubt it will have any issues once installed in your rifle.

roa air seal

The airseal is perfect and no leaks when you check against just the cylinder head. It was a snug fit to align and insert in the VFC cylinder but glides back and forth just fine. I tested in some of my other cylinders and it did not fit well in an old Systema I had and was too snug for my liking in a brass cylinder. It should be compatible with most current day cylinders and their specs as seems to be the trend.

perfect airseal

Doing the correct airseal check I found it to be 99.9% perfect. This is due to the VFC nozzle and the o-ring installed and the double o-rings on the piston head and the draw back is normal which is good.roa piston test

On my first test with about 500 rounds I did not see any damage or wear to the piston teeth. I did get a 5-10 fps boost which is nice. I will keep this in our team rifle and have it tested for a longer period and give another update. From what I have seen so far it is great so far and for around $18 this is a great multi purpose upgrade for your rifle. More fps and life in your piston is a good thing.

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