The Robinson Armament XCR series of modular rifles have been on the market for several years in the firearms industry and within the Airsoft industry from Echo1USA and VFC. These rifles have a unique system for making them modular and easy to use.

Checking out all the new versions from Robinson Armament makes the XCR platform more pleasing for the masses and a change from the normal M4 rifle. With the updated attachment options consisting of KeyMod and MLok this are up with the times and using the popular colors as well.
xcr rifles
The Airsoft version was popular but a niche market due to its design not being an M4. The gearbox and parts were designed by VFC and Echo1USA in a joint project. It is still my favorite Airsoft rifle due to its design that is very similar to the actual firearm.

As of lately the Airsoft version of the XCR is not easily found and might be discontinued which is a bummer. Looking at the recent VFC 2018 catalog the XCR is still offered but might only be in Asia now for the players. What are your thoughts about the XCR? Do you like the looks of it for an Airsoft rifle or for personal use on the range?

Written by Brian Holt