The guys on the team are some what active and like Zombies and this is the perfect event for Brian and Jason. The Run for your lives event is some what new and when we saw the promo video and the race dates we signed up. We were sort of unsure what and how we should train for this event but we did our own ways. Jason went to the gym a lot to lift and run and Brian did a lot of running on the street and hiking. We were able to run a 3 mile track easy and had our hopes high. The race was a 5K or 3 mile run so we just had to worry about the zombies. Check the before video when we are going to the event and it is a bit of a teaser.

team blacksheep run

Teaser Video

The entire day was awesome since there were so many people. We were thinking there would be only airsofters and military people here but there was a wide variety of people and it was really cool. I guess everybody loves zombies! The actual race was intense and was harder than any airsoft game we have been in. There was mud, obstacles, shock wires and zombies to slow us down. Most people completed in an hour and we see why. You can’t just run fast otherwise you will get ‘killed’ you have to be smart and use teamwork. Near the end of the race we got separated. Click on the picture below to see the GoPro footage from the race.

team blacksheep race video

Intense Zombie race video here

The ending of the race was intense. Brian only made it with 1 out of the 3 flags and Jason lost all of his flags. Covered in mud and a smile we were so happy and excited about the race. Everybody that did the race that either lost or won was happy and the more mud on them means they had more fun. Check out the recap video from after the race and see some of the things we learned about the race and that should help out new racers. We had so much fun that we will follow the Run for your lives group and go to another race as soon as we can. Click on the picture to see the ReCap Video.

team blacksheep finish race

Written by Brian Holt