Carl gives you a breakdown of his greenside FSB recce impression, CA MAX’d E&L AKMS, and cold weather kit for MSW’s Last Stand Rostov – an upcoming 40 hour milsim event with an absolutely abysmal weather forecast where he will most certainly die IRL.
russian airsoft gear
In the video Carl will go over the kit and gear he is using for the game. His goal is simple and lightweight yet effective. With this setup he is able to carry 8 AK mags on the angles so he can still go prone which is needed at Hill559, the location of the game. The cold weather gear is needed since it will be raining but the event will still carry on. Last time at the same field around this time of year it was really bad for most players but the prepared players like ourselves were ready. Check out the video from the last time “Living in the field for Milsim West”
E&L Ak Airsoft rifle
His E&L Gen 2 AK Rifle is ready to go to the field out of the box for most players but he wanted to give it a little firepower. Check out the E&L Airsoft Gen 2 AKMS A113 Rifle he used and get yours today.

Written by Brian Holt