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Time for another foodie adventure in downtown LA the three of us headed out to Smorgasburg.
Getting here early before the crowd is key otherwise, there will be a crowd to wade through. Now, where do we start? That is the question as we approached the grounds, and we decided BOLO first to try their new spicy chicken sandwich.
bolo jidori chicken
Fried Jidori Chicken Sando from BOLO
This was a great tasty treat to start the day off right! The BOLO “bread” was sweet and textured to be crunchy and soft but the main star was on the inside. The chicken was fried perfectly to be crispy and easy to bite and get into the fresh and juicy meat. Jidori is a new thing in the foodie world and like how Kobe beef is the best and this is the chicken counterpart.
bolo chicken sandwich
Christina loves BOLO and follows them on Instagram ever since the “Johnny Pacific Empanadas and BOLO“ pop up we  both went to and they were there for dessert. This tasty sandwich had the fresh Asian slaw and spicy garlic aioli like a sriracha mayo.
lobsterdamus foodie
Behold the glory of Lobsterdamus! Time for some Lobster for brunch! Annie went to the booth next to us to get started. Most of these food events have a bbq going with beef, chicken or pork but lobster stands out and deserves a spot in our tummies!
lobster plate
Check this out! Brunch is served for Annie with a whole lobster grilled with Cajun spices! Extra lemon and fresh parsley to really bring the dish altogether and on top of a bed of garlic fries. Time to find a table and chow down now. The event has ample seating in the early part of the day but betting it is packed in the afternoon.
brian holt foodie blog
Able to sit and put these forks to work! A squeeze of lemon and cracks of shells to get the sweet meat. Annie got the Cajan flavoring and I just got the buttery option and a half lobster to make sure I have more room for other stops. Note to self, bring extra napkins and metal forks for easy cracking.

workaholic mandu
This caught my eye and I was tagged in a video on Facebook about this place and now its here! This is Workaholic a Korean experience! Each mandu that is similar to a dumpling is colored and has a different filling. I like Chinese dumplings and these Korean mandu and the name is fitting and it’s meant to be!
workaholic mandu
So for the Workaholic the brownish or red is the kimchi, yellow is curry chicken and the purple is the bulgogi beef.
kimchi mandu
Instead of eating an entire cake we have cupcakes and these Workaholic Mandus are just like cupcakes, able to get a good idea of the flavors and textures. I really liked these and how the flavors vary and I wouldn’t get bored.
brian holt food blog
Happiness Starts Here
Looking for a drink and we found these tea drinks. They fit our needs, looked great and big since all the other drink options were milk tea or coffee..
brian holt food blog
I ordered the Grapefruit and Basil that was topped with pedals. I had the option of soda which would be sparkling water or tea and I went with the tea. Tasty drink right here and able to refill the glass later at a discounted price. Everyone was asking us what the drinks were and where to get them.
How this Smorgasburg is setup there are the food vendors on the edges of the grounds and the center rows have crafts and good and non-edible items.
plant puns
Found these cute little-potted plants at the booth from Plant_puns and we already have some for our Mint and Aleo plants ourselves.
foodie blog
Annie had some time to check out the DW trailer and find out the perfect band. Just outside of the event is, even more, vendors with sparkling things to get the attention of the crowd.
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I like a good spice and hot sauce is just like wine and there are grades. We stoped by the Kill Sauce booth for some tastings and I picked up two bottles.

Yum! Stopped by the @killsauce booth today and stocked up on the Ghost which is sweet blackberry taste followed by spicy ghost peppers 🌶. The Smoke is spicy and good for the BBQ times! So many other flavors to get next time too! Blog about the trip inbound… #spicy #smorgasburg #la #foodie #photography #killsauce #hotsauce #wow #like #share #follow #california #foodietrip #adventuretime #bbq #ghostpepper

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After we walked around to digest we went to Cheezus.
brian holt foodie blog
We have seen and heard about them and the cheese wheel is the latest foodie craze and this was calling us. Admiring the Vermont cheese and all its charm.. From grilled cheese to cheese scrapes on potatoes and bread which we got you can get it all here. Check out the video I posted.

Oh, My Cheezus this is amazing!!!
I am in love with this bowl of hot cheese, oh giggity.
brian holt foodie
This bowl had everything I love about cheese in a dish. There was the gooey soft section and the crispy burnt edges all on top of the small potatoes and fancy bread crumbs that I think were sourdough. This alone is great but it was topped with pickled okra, garlic and pickles. It is very hard to describe the flavors and textures but knowing what is in this dish you will be able to get an idea of what it is like. Now the picture and video is not enough and I think waiting a few minutes and smelling the cheese warm up and the anticipation is what made this taste even better. I would definately reccomend you and your friends to show up to this event next time.
brian holt foodie blog
Now that our tummies are full and our glasses are empty it is time for a nap. This has been a great #SundayFunday for us. Thanks for checking out my blog and if you like more explore the links below!

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Written by Brian Holt