Sparky has been playing airsoft since early 2000 and he has always like the WWII guns and the airsoft versions are cheaper to buy than the real guns so he is happy about that. Sparky has so many world war two guns that they where broken into 3 videos.

The first video covers the Lugers and the pistols that he has collected over the years.
team blacksheep WWII guns

The second video covers the STG44 and the MP40 which are seen in many video games and movies. The airsoft versions are very close to the real gun in the details making it a perfect gun for a WWII collector and or rein-actor.

team blacksheep


The final video covers only the MG42 that is an AEG machine gun. The MG42 by Ultima is Sparky’s pride and joy and he loves cutting down the other team with it. He has upgraded it to make it like the real version that would strike fear in the hearts of the US soldiers.  Hitlers buzz saw was the nickname for the real MG42 and Sparky’s is called a BB hose!

team blacksheep sparky

Written by Brian Holt