Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? My WE-Tech pistol does!
I am fan of SpongeBob for a long time now and long ago when I did retail work I would crank out all kinds of custom pistols for customers and myself just because. The WE-Tech Hicapa Dragon as it was called was a sweet deal I got in a trade and I decided to make into something out of the ordinary for the Airsoft scene.
A SpongeBob Airsoft Pistol would make waves for sure.

Brian Holt Airsoft

With this crazy pistol in the display case it got a lot of attention from parents, kids and players alike but I would still tell them it is an Airsoft pistol just like the others and it needs to be handled with care.
Instead of just painting the gun like most people do for a “custom” I went full custom into this project and wanted it be the best. I drilled into the slide, cut into the grip and literally searched for a day to get the key chain figures.

Brian Holt Airsoft

The slide is using the “Dragon” or ISCP inspired cut to lighten the slide. I took it a step further by drilling and beveling holes which act and look like bubbles into the slide.

Spongebob pistol

Now the slide has been polished on the rails and lightened even more so it is smooth as the ocean waves but strong as crashing wave with the metal construction. Finished off the slide with a blue paint and chrome finish.

spongebob pistol

For the grip I wanted to go all out and I did, searching every mall in Southern California for a SpongeBob and Patrick key chain or ear ring that would serve as the trinket on the grip to pull it all together. The grip was cut down and sanded to get an organic texture with the material available and then a recessed section for each character that was sliced in half. This allowed for the figures to stay securely on the grip and out of the way once epoxied onto the grip. I did field this pistol many times and got a lot of good use and comments on it.

spongebob custom pistol

Once I completed the pistol I had the two characters standing in front of the pineapple house with some green leaves as the roof and slide acting as the sea with bubbles. Special I know but so good when it comes to a custom pistol that is an art piece and is functional. To get a better glimpse of how much I like to incorporate SpongeBob check out my garden pond, which is the back drop for this pictures.
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Written by Brian Holt