It is that time of year again for the Dirty South of Airsoft to have the biggest party with everybody on scene, the SS Airsoft 8 Year Party! This is the biggest Airsoft event on the East Coast every year and you have to check it out!
ss airsoft event
In the years past there have been hundreds of players from ALL over the country flying in or driving in to be at this event since they get to see their favorite Airsoft Celebrity and the new stuff from the top brands. Some of the products shown off at the SS Airsoft Annual event have been the Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder BB Loader which has been in the news recently due to Valken and Nuprol copying the design. Video from that time:

Other companies such as Elite Force and ASG were there with their soon to be released products. This allows the local East Coast Airsofters a chance to see and hold the new stuff for a change instead of just watching online videos from EvikeCON or other events. What will be in store for this year?
This year is going to be at the event with some of their EMG products and a mention about the inventory as well.
How is Evike making this event better being there? They might be checking the area and SS Airsoft to make it another one of their Evike Outpost spots like GamePod and High Ground Airsoft. By making SS Airsoft an Evike Outpost it will mean more EMG products in the store and more products and the best part more exposure for NEW players to find a spot to play! In a recent blog post “ the best and Biggest” it was pointed out how they are taking over with the online and product side but nothing in terms of a playable field but now within a few weeks they “have” two fields they are working with to make the Airsoft Community better. Evike is not taking over these locations in any way but just working with them to better support the area for a win win situation that the players get.

What can we expect this year from the SS Airsoft 8 Year Party?

airsoft personalities
There will be many Airsoft Celebrities and Companies there and here is just a few that already posted on their social media letting their fans know about the event!
@thetacticalunicorn @jetthedesertfox @cycapacustoms @dyetactical @sygairsoft  @tokentech_airsoft @eliteforceairsoft @airsoftevike @classicarmyusa and many more will be coming to this huge event!

Time and Info:
SS Airsoft Event Page here: SS Airsoft 8 Year Anniversary Event
Time: Saturday, March 31 at 9 AM – 6 PM EDT
Location: SS Airsoft 4729 Nelson Brogdon Blvd, Suite A, Sugar Hill, Georgia 30518

Every year it is better and better so make sure you go and have your friends go with you! Share this article with them as well.

Written by Brian Holt