Strike Industries LINK Hand Stop Kit
In the firearm industry it is all about performance and customization to make your rifle better than everyone else. One of the major features to customize and increase performance would be a vertical grip of some sort. The better we can hold the rifle while firing means we will have a better shot placement and that is where the vertical grip comes into the equation.
strike industries link hand stop kit
Why buy the Strike Industries LINK Hand Stop Kit?
This new kit from Strike Industries is able to fit on a Keymod and M-Lok hand guard so it fits on all major and mainstream front ends since the old quad rails are being forgotten by today’s shooters. Besides the fact the Strike Industries LINK Hand Stop Kit fits on both front end styles it also has the option of being 20+ configurations to fit the need of every shooter. Instead of buying another grip and then another since they do not feel right and wasting money this grip combo from Strike Industries will satisfy everyone.

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strike industries link hand stop kit
Every grip in one package from Strike Industries LINK Hand Stop Kit
Being how this grip has three main parts; the finger stop, the flat and the angled grip stop. With these parts you can make a simple and low profile finger stop or front brace. The angle grip to give a secure grip and easy index point for snap shooting.

Looking at the Strike Industries LINK Curve grip which is similar but a solid piece of aluminum.
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Advancements in the grips by Strike Industries is all about the shooter and customer. Giving them the best parts at a great price. Check out the video from Strike Industries about the LINK Hand Stop Kit below.

Material: Polymer
Length (Per Section): 1.57″
Regular Hand Stop: 0.97″
Rail Cover: 0.3″
Curved Hand Stop: 1.75″
Width: 1.2″
Regular Hand Stop: 0.35 oz.
Rail Cover: 0.28 oz.
Curved Hand Stop: 0.63 oz.


Any forend with KeyMod or M-LOK system

Links for purchase: Strike Industries LINK Hand Stop Kit(in stock and found on Google, not a paid review)

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Written by Brian Holt