Lets take a trip to a local store that has just opened up a second location. Looking for a new Airsoft place to go in the New York or New Jersey area? Strikeforce Sports is the leading force. So how long has Strikeforce Sports been open and what they offer the Airsoft Community? Lets go ahead and ask them and learn more about their locations.

Strikeforce Sports has been around for almost a decade now, starting out as just a
storefront before expanding to offer technician services, an indoor field, and finally a lounge
with a concessions stand. Most recently we expanded into New Jersey, opening our second
location called Strikeforce South in Pennsville. Like the original location, Strikeforce South
offers all the amenities you would expect from your local airsoft store.
450 B Commack Rd Deer Park, NY 11729 tel: 631-242-1197
233 South Broadway, Pennsville, NJ 08070 tel: 856-666-2118

Website: www.strikeforcesports.net
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Strikeforce Sports South FacebookStrikeforce South Instagram

strikeforce sports airsoft field

How is your CQB field standing out from the others out there?

Both of our fields are among the largest indoor airsoft fields in the northeast, featuring a
constantly changing field design, wooden structures, and fully carpeted floors. One of the core
goals of Strikeforce has always been to change the field layout every few months to keep things
fresh. When we change the layout, we’re not just moving a few barrels around. We deconstruct
every structure and create new structures from there. So the field you’re playing on today may be
very different from the one you played on last month. This helps to prevent the field from
becoming boring, and if a certain layout isn’t to your liking you won’t have to deal with it for too
long. In the past few years we’ve switched over to using wooden structures as opposed to our old
foam and vinyl structures which has had an amazing change for our gameplay. Since the wooden
structures are more stable, we’re able to be a little more creative and build structures such as a
bridge which we were never able to in the past. One of the most useful and functional features of
our fields are the carpeted floors. It’s a very minor detail but important, if you’ve ever played at
an indoor facility with a concrete floor, you know what it’s like to go sliding on a pile of BBs
across the floor. The carpet helps to prevent players from stepping on BBs and sliding all over
the place like an ice rink.strikeforce sports airsoft field
How else do you keep it fresh for the players every month or week?
In addition, we like to try new things with our field whenever the opportunity arises. Just
this past week the guys from Airsoft BattleArena came by to our New Jersey location to teach us
about their tournament rules and try it out in our facility. We’re now proud to say that both of our
facilities are approved to host BattleArena games. The basic premise of a BattleArena match is
that there are two five man teams, where one team must complete their objective and the other
must prevent them from doing so. Each team gets a chance to complete the objective, as there are
two rounds and the teams switch sides. As far as rules go, each player is allowed a primary with
six magazines, and a secondary with unlimited magazines. Once hit, the play must fall to the
ground and remain in place until the end of the round (These basic rules change depending on
the gamemode). The team that wins advances in the tournament. To avoid the problems that
generally plague most competitive airsoft events, the games are kept small, short, and monitored
by a minimum of six referees. One team from each country ends up being selected to compete in
the finals which are being held in Finland this year. We’re very excited about this, and we really
want to push this going into 2019 as we think this format can be really successful. You can check
the BattleArena guys here Battlearena if you’d like, they’re good guys and very
interesting. Ultimately though, it will be up to our community to determine whether or not
there’s any interest in it.
strikeforce sports airsoft field

How do you reach out to the Airsoft Community and beyond?
The biggest boon to our field is our community and the players that comprise it. We’re
proud to have so many regulars who play every weekend and are a pleasure to host. Many of
these players are incredibly knowledgeable as well, and often take it upon themselves to help
new players out and police each other. Whenever we hold a fundraiser here for a charity or even
for a fellow player in the community we’re always amazed by the generosity of our players. As
far as demographics go, our playerbase is a mixture of mil-sim, speedsoft, and casual players.
The majority are casual players, followed by mil-sim and speedsoft players. The average age of
our players depends on the session, with most of our younger players playing during the earlier
sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Our older players tend to stick to our night sessions on
Looking at their Facebook page they show a wide range of players and skillset or interest. Having a Summer Camp with military personal train and teach the basic skills to the younger or even older players will encourage them to do better and towards the Milsim avenue that most players go to.
strikeforce sports airsoft field
But what if they are too young and they want to join their big brother? Strikeforce Sports offers a Nerf session for the younger kids and even the parents to join in. This is great since it gets them out of the house and in a year or so they will be playing Airsoft in the same location, bringing the family together.
strikeforce sports airsoft field
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What is there to do for the non players like parents and do you have food there?
For the parents of our younger players, they have the option of waiting for their kids in
our lounge, which has several TVs set up to watch the games in session, and a concessions stand
which has pizza, snacks, sodas, and beer. The lounge also has private rooms attached to it where
we host our private events from so they’re not mixed in with the general public.
strikeforce sports airsoft field
What kind of store and selection do you guys offer?
The Proshop is the main staple of our business. Besides the hundreds of items in
inventory at any time, this is where almost every new player starts. New and interested people
walk in and have no idea where to start. That’s where the guys who staff the store come into
place. They’re incredibly experienced, with most of them having several years of experience
within the industry; making them very helpful for new and old players alike. Our Proshop
employees work very closely with our technicians to ensure that they have the best information
possible to relay to customers. This knowledge extends from the quality and reliability of
specific gun models, to high end custom builds. We keep a readily available stock of SHS and
Lonex parts for most repairs/upgrades, and keep a few higher end parts such as Siegetek gears in
reserve for higher end builds. The newest direction we’re pushing in the Proshop is to establish
our online store. It takes a lot more time than you think to establish one, but we’re steadily
making progress so keep an eye out for that! We regularly update our Facebook and Instagram
pages, and keep our websites up to date with all upcoming events, people can check us out at
www.Strikeforcesports.net for the New York location, and www.Strikeforcesportsnj.net for the
New Jersey location.
strikeforce sports airsoft field
So that is what the Strikeforce Sports and South has to offer, please check out their locations and bring your friends along to grow the Airsoft Community even more.