Looking for a fun day to spend with your friends can be a challenge and costly in California. Check out our fun day and see what we did and maybe you will do the same.

Crystal Cover parking pass

Parking in California will be costly and add up quick but for today we lucked out since we were staying in the Crystal Cove State Park properties. This ticket was for $15 and it worked for 3 different parking lots for the entire day. Bought the ticket at the El Moro Canyon Hiking parking lot and it was valid at the Crystal Cove Tide Pool (state park) and then for the satellite parking lot for The Beachcomber Cafe. Going to Hollywood and going to 3 places would be an easy $60 in fees.

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First up for this Sunday we went hiking on the El Moro Canyon trail. This state park has several trails that intersect to make for an all-day hike or a quick hike. We plotted a course for a 5-mile hike and made it to the peak for a great view of the coast.
Click the link here to check it out more: El Moro Canyon Hiking Trail

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After the hike we continued downhill to the Crystal Cove Tide Pools. These tide pools are only accessible during “low tide” so look online and plan accordingly. Having the waves breaking on the rocks we were able to explore this oceanic world with ease. Spotting the small and strange creatures really made us think and appreciate the world much better.
Click on the link here to check it out more: Crystal Cove Tide Pools

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Busy day and we need some chow time! Recommended by a friend we went to a local place just down the street and we could have climbed along the rocks down the coast to get there but we drove. The Beachcomber Cafe was a great choice right from the beginning with the oversized drinks down to the seafood meals.
Click on the link here to check it out more: The Beachcomber Cafe

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We finished our late lunch that turned into dinner just after sunset so we wandered out onto the beach just steps away from the cafe. This was a great way to spend time with friends and explore the world around us that most people overlook.
Adventures Big or Small are always around but you just have to look. Have fun and enjoy your life.

I took a lot of pictures along the way and most did not make the cut for the blog but I have them posted on my Flickr “Brian Holt 87” in the Photostream, if you want to check them out.

Written by Brian Holt