Taj Mahal Cuisine of India
5416 California Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93309 (661) 633-2222
www.tajmahalci.com Yelp
Taj Mahal Cuisine of India
In Bakersfield for work and wanted to get some good Indian food. This place looked the best.
Unlike an Italian place and bread and olive oil we got papad with a spicy and sweet apple sauce.
We ordered family style so we can share and be happy with the good food here.
Let’s get the lamb, chicken and garlic naan. The food took a bit of time but it was well worth it! Make fresh and not rushed. The flavors were rich and bold and the meat was so tender!
Taj Mahal Cuisine of India
Lamb Biryani – Basmati Rice Cooked with Lamb
The lamb is a good spicy and very filling. I really enjoy spicy foods but it has to be a good heat and not just melt my face. This was hot but cooled down right after and the tender lamb was great all mixed in.
Taj Mahal Cuisine of India
Chicken Malai – All White Meat Marinated in Yogurt, Herbs & Spices. Cooked with Coconut &Creamy Sauce, Tandoored in Clay Oven.
This soup or saucy dish was amazing in the sense it has so many different flavors in it. The depth of the creamy sauce and the tender chicken with its own flavor was making me eat more and more.The naan was a good utensil to pick up the rice and creamy chicken and helping add some texture to the bites as I went.
Taj Mahal Cuisine of India
Taj Mahal Cuisine of India
Clean plates
This was a great place and we would gladly come back if in the area but don’t take me word for it. Come by and try for yourself and see how good the place is. This place has a lot of great Yelp reviews as well!

Written by Brian Holt