JAG Precision shooting team

We are a group of friends that enjoy shooting as our hobby. We are sporting the JAG Precision jerseys which are comprised of the Airsoft brands on the front that JAG works with like Echo1USA, MadBull, Modify, VFC and the list goes on as you can see.

JAG Precision rifle team

The back of our jerseys proudly represent the firearms companies that JAG Precision works with for example Daniel Defense, Lonewolf, Troy Industries, etc.

Brian Holt shooting

Since we do a lot of shooting the most recent video will be posted on top or below here and the older videos will be pushed down or you can always find them all on our YouTube Channel Team BLACKSHEEP762

At the recent Phantom Strike match Brian was using the Robinson Armament XCR with a SureFire suppressor. It got a lot of looks and attention for sure. Regular reloads and with the suppressor it was very quiet and no need for ear pro.


Check out some of the recent action shots we got from our photographer and shooting team member RONINsnaps. Make sure you check out his Tumblr for more pictures of us and the other things he snaps or shoots.  On the picture below with the rifle that has OD furniture is Roecar from Roecar Approved.

JAG Precision Roecar

Pictured below is Brian with the XCR

JAG Precision Brian Holt XCR

JAG Precision Drix

JAG Precison Jae



Pictured above is RONIN taking pictures and shots on the range with us.


Check out Jenea making quick time of the course and targets.  Planning your movement and shots is key to  a good run as she demonstrates in this stage.


Here is our squad shooting the recent Taran Tactical rifle match.

On the other side of the valley is the cowboy and DeadWood Boys Action Pistol match that is run on Saturdays and the Rifle matches are on Sundays most of the times.

Went back to the TTI or Taran Tactical Innovations Rifle Series. Sunny weather and nice day. I was able to run faster since there is no mud and did a decent job on the score as well.

We went to Phantom Strike in Norco. It is a much smaller stage setup but still great practice.

The rest of our squad did great. Check out the video below.

Here is my run of the six stages from the West Coast Rifle Series.


Taking the Robinson Armament XCR out to ASR to sight it in and the rest of our rifles.

Pouring rain at the Taran Tactical range and it made for a challenging time. People were falling in the mud. The key is to make sure your weapon is on SAFE when running. Nobody in our squad has an issue like that but we saw it first hand.