Here we are at the insight field in Ontario, CA. We come here most of the time and have a lot of fun.

Playing here is fun since it is close CQB action and no down time, so if you want to shoot a lot and play games back to back this place does it for your addiction to airsoft.

Sean likes to shoot the review videos here since the field is awesome and looks so much better than a garage which was his first setup. Here is a behind the scenes picture of him doing the Echo1 CSR review.

You can check out the video of the Echo1 CSR for more info on it.  The field has plenty of room for the red dots and even some scopes that we have seen on the field. Check out Brian using his Echo1 XCR and his CQB setup. The barrels add a really cool effect when they are hit since it is very loud and keeps you on your toes.

the field has a great ref crew and they keep the games running smoothly and everybody safe. They make sure your mags are out when you are in the staging area and the guns are discharged before you enter the area as well. Safety first! Sparky was checking why his shotgun was not working… Make sure you don’t do this but he did this just for fun LOL.

Written by Brian Holt