The FLEA plays a lot of CQB at Insight Interactive and wanted to change his setup so he can be faster when he is using his Echo1 Timberwolf and Fang custom Echo1 M4. You can check out his recent Fang Video if you wanted to. The FLEA’s old vest was great but had a row of M4 mag pouches along the belly and sometimes they would get in the way. Here is his old setup in the group picture. The FLEA is on the left next to Sparky and Brian.The monkey on his shoulder is his spotter and a good luck charm sorta in case you are asking. This setup was good for him for a lot of games but he wanted to be more high speed and low drag. Here is his current setup. He is using the Bravo soft armor for those point blank shots in the CQB field and you still can hear and feel the bbs hit you. Remember Airsoft is a game of honor.

He has a belt rig with the plastic mag holders for fast reloads and a dump pouch when he is done blasting the other team. He is still using his custom save phace mask and his Fang M4 has been upgraded with a new Stryke Industries grip, peq 11.1v lipo and red dot. His side arm is the Echo1 timberwolf and he can rock the field with this setup.

Airsoft is a fun sport and you will always be changing your setup until you find the right combination of what works for you until the newest gear comes out and then you have to start over. Remember have fun and play safe!