New gear is always coming out and a new piece of kit that has caught our attention is the Universal Panel Adapter from Advance Dynamic.


roecar approved review

Roecar Approved has been able to test out and give his review of the new panel adapter and how it will be a great new part to add to your gear as well. Roecar Approved has a lengthy background in gear collection, firearms and even airsofting so he knew this would be a good product to talk about and share what he liked about it.


advance dynamic panel review

With this panel you are able to have one plate carrier and swap out the needed mag pouches or other pouches on the go. This means there is no need to buy multiple plate carriers for your different weapons and loadouts.

advance dynamic review


Based on what camo pattern your plate carrier or molle vest is there is the option for Ranger Green, Black, Coyote Brown and soon to be released Multicam for any setup you have that needs to be updated with the Advance Dynamic Panel Adapter.


made in the USA

On a closer look of the product tags you will see the AD(Advance Dynamic) and the US flag and “Made in the USA”. This means a lot when it comes to gear and you can see the quality in the stitching and the parts like the buckles and velcro that is being used.


team blacksheep762

The back side of the panels are covered in the MilSpec velcro to give the panel a secure placement on the plate carrier. Not shown is the backing that attaches to the plate carrier itself which is included. Once the base part is installed onto the plate carrier you can use multiple panels as shown to change your loadout as needed. As covered in the video by Roecar the velcro is able to securely hold the pouches in place just by itself and the buckles are the added security that is stays on the plate carrier.

This short video will cover what the Panel comes with and more detail to answer your questions.


roecar approved

The Advance Dynamic Universal Panel Adapter is a great gear piece that you should buy since it will allow you to swap out your mag pouches on the go instead of bringing several complete plate carriers or just owning that many. The panel kit comes in at $64.95 from their website and that is a great deal if you think about all what it does and that fact it is made in the USA so you know it will hold up to what you put it through. For more info on the specs and parts used make sure you check out the Advance Dynamic Universal Panel Adapter product page that is linked directly.


Check out the video of the panel in action with Roecar. Fast and easy to use and just what you need.

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Written by Brian Holt