It is a great time to see people come together and help others without wanting something in return. Most of the times the Airsoft Community only cares about the next game or raffle and all within their sport/hobby lifestyle. Things changed when Hurricane Harvey effected the nation and several stores stepped up to help. There are many more that helped along with the countless Airsofters that did it out of the kindness of their hearts but here are some of the stores that came across the Facebook feed.

—High Ground Airsoft in Spring, TX —

Closest to Hurricane Harvey and stepped up big time. Helping the local comminuty and gathering suplies and hands to help.

The High Ground Airsoft store and staff was able to gather support from the local community along with the Airsofters to go help the people effected in very little time and this a great example showing people coming together to help others but there is more!

—StrikeForce Sports Airsoft in Deer Park, NY—

Sending people and supplies and boat to go help! That is a 30 hour drive to go help people!

airsoft community harvey

Check out the posting on the Strike Force Sports Facebook page to learn more and help if you can.

Your contributions will be used in direct face to face aid with people in need through us. Any help is appreciated but not expected. This is a feat we have taken up on our own and we will continue to render aid as long as we can sustain our selves over the next few weeks.

—Airsoft GI in CA, TX and VA—

Airsoft GI posted on their Facebook page a long list of places that are accepting donations for Hurricane Harvey. There are many to choose from and it is up to the fans to follow through if they like.

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Written by Brian Holt