Which are the best airsoft BBs? Should I go with 0.20g, 0.25g or 0.28g ammo? Do BB brands matter? We answer all these questions in our 2018 best airsoft BBs guide.  Let us go through all the available BBs for the Airsoft players in the 2018 market. First up!

ELITE FORCE 0.20G BBs Review

Elite Force 20g BBs Elite Force’s 0.20g BBs are the #1 go-to choice for players with guns shooting in the range of 280 to 350 Feet Per Second. Due to their high quality manufacturing process, they don’t have any dimples, seams or imperfections. They are well polished and slick to the touch.

The BBs feature the industry standard 5.95mm diameter and weigh in at 0.20g per pellet. The standard deviation is less than +- .01. This makes for a consistently high performance on the fields of airsoft.

For guns with FPS outputs below 350, the 0.20g per pellet is optimally balanced to achieve the highest degree of range and flight path stability. Most commercially available entry pistols and rifles will handle these BBs perfectly.

Don’t know your gun’s FPS? Pistols and most stock guns below $100 shoot at under 350 FPS. To be sure, check your gun specs :)!

The BBs come in a 12 by 3-inch bottle with a durable screw on cap. Usually holding 5000 pellets, the bottle facilitates easy feeding into high-cap magazines without the need to handle and dirty the actual pellets with your hands.

Elite Force is one of the most popular and well known brands in airsoft. This is reflected in their pricing – they are usually slightly more expensive than other brands. A price definitely worth paying as Elite Force 0.20g BBs are a perfect example of their dedication to deliver an impeccably high quality product.

ELITE FORCE 0.25G BBs Review


For mid-range and more powerful guns, Elite Force 0.25g BBs are the perfect choice. I would advise you to get these BBs if your gun is shooting at above 350FPS consistently. The 0.25g pellet by Elite Force is almost identical to their small 0.20g brother. No seams, no holes or deformations. Incredibly smooth and consistent.

Don’t know your gun’s FPS? The majority of guns over $150 and all upgraded ones, should be shooting at above 350FPS. Make sure to check your specs if unsure!

Due to the 20% increase in weight, these BBs will be able to achieve improved accuracy and flight stability. Their increased weight would negatively impact the range less powerful guns. This is why I am recommending to get 0.25g BBs with guns powerful enough to overcome this issue.

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Written by Airsoft Pal