The VooDoo Tactical Short Range Tactical Pack is the way to go up the mountain or to the range or to school.  There are many packs out there and it is hard to choose but after watching this video you should have a good idea that this VooDoo Tactical pack is the way to go.tactical short range pack

This tactical pack is able to hold a large amount of goods for what ever situation are you going into. For this review it was for some high altitude hiking to make sure the pack is worth it. The pack was loaded up and prepped for the Mt. Baldy in southern California. Check out all the stuff that was able to fit inside the short range tactical pack with room to spare for more if it was needed.

The pack was loaded and much heavier now but with the super comfy shoulder straps and pads combined with the belt and lower back support there is very little weight felt on the hiker.

Click on the picture below to watch the video.

This was an above average ‘table top’ review. Watching others review the pack without actually using it and just reading off the VooDoo Tactical website seemed boring so Brian Holt decided to do some field testing and let everybody know what this pack is about. The VooDoo Tactical SRTP has plenty of pouches and compartments to secure your items on the inside and outside for your hiking adventures. You could easily double the cargo space by using the molle on the sides and top to carry more if you wanted to.





Making it up to the top of the mountain was a long trip but well worth it to fully test this pack. Several hours in and doing fine with little to no fatigue. Cold weather but it you keep on moving you will be fine. Check out this quick load out video of what is being used on this trip with this VooDoo Tactical pack . Click on the picture below to see the video.

Overall this pack is very good for the price of $100-$125 and what you get with it. The back support is the most important feature and it is a life saver.

Written by Brian Holt